Poems by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poem by  Dr. Ezhil Vendhan



I am a bird of fire
resurrecting in ashes and losses.
Long-living bird I am
my life is cyclically regenerated
and I am reborn every moment.

I am for a change
since change is
the unchanging phenomena of this universe.
Death or end never approaches me
as I am the bird of resurrection.

In the passage of time
I keep myself fit updated,
shed my feathers outdated setting ablaze.

I overcome all such moments related being
an eternal entity.

I am not definite about the form
as I may be visible in any form
but firm and assertive on my content
which proceeds to progress and further.

I may loose my mass
but energy remains constant
even after transformations
as my speed is in multiples
faster than light.


An Intercede for Love

You claim to be pious and spiritual
You preach high morals
You speak of faith and harmony
You pronounce peace and love for all.

You assert yourself for truth
You proclaim to be noble
But why you scare about others
Who are weak and marginalized
Who are underprivileged and poor
Who are in hunger and poverty.

What is your meaning for love
Whether you have love without concern
Don’t you love for wellness for all.

Does goodness to others
is not your meaning of love.
How you like to translate your love
Is there any other interpretation for your love.

Why you propagate hatred and enormity
Why you are dishonest to your own claims.
And then what you stand for
I intercede for love and peace.

Compose yourself of the best
as this life is precious and only once
make out maximum sweetness you can
to the life and lessen the bitterness.


My Dear Companion, Smart Phone

Bygone are the days
when my mom and dear ones
used to wake me up in the morning
reminding my daily schedule
of tasks to complete.

Now my sweet pet smart phone
alarms me on every dawn
with my favourite music
which I choose to have.

No assistants required
to remind on my daily list
of matters to attend.
She remembers and takes care
of everything I need to do.

Those days I recollect now,
while attending international calls
shouting to make my speech
audible to the other end.

But now my sweet pet
has made it simple,
normal and comfortable.

When I am unable to attend
important functions and receptions
Telegram was useful
to send my greetings.

Now SMS, Messenger
and WhatsApp and many
have come abundantly
to wish and chat as if
one is talking nearby.

Photographers and video recorders
were required once
for recording memorable events,
not at all needed now
as I can do it on my own
or with the help of someone nearby.

No need to visit the banks
and wait for my turn
in the zig zag queues
for withdrawals and payments.

And no more careful
signing of cheques,
She makes everything ease
by digital mobile friendly banking
unlike age old analog systems.

She stores the sweet melody songs
of my taste and makes me
happy at the very instant touch
with my finger tip.

I wandered here and there
for many jobs to be done.
She looks into everything
and completes all at once
as I think from where I am.

She books my taxi for my local trips
and flight tickets for foreign visits.

She comes happily as my companion
even during heavy downpour
accompanying me under one umbrella.

I keep her safe so that
not a single drop of rain wets her
even if I am drenched in water.

She never hesitates to travel with me
in any mode of conveyance
sitting on my lap
or near my chest or shoulders.

She never keeps any distance
or time as she is always
connected with me.
I keep her closer to my heart
unmindful of consequences.

She is unique unlike anyone else
who is dear and nearer to me.

Never refuses to accompany me
but ready to move everywhere
even to a forest during night.

When darkness surrounds me
I never get excited
as her twinkling eyes
are on my way.

What I do not like is
that her ignorance of
the time and place of importance.
And exposes her presence with me
by raising her voice often,
however sweet it may be,
unless I mute
or put her on silence.

Sometimes she fails
in her assignments
unless I refresh
and feed her by charging.

Towers en route my visits
keeps her happy with
smart signal smiles on her face
regardless of many obstacles.

Her companionship is great
and makes my time always sweet
but my intimacy with her
bothers my dear ones
concerned and worried over my health.

I am only aware of the fact
that her radiance is high,
much more harmful,
than any tower of high radiation
around the globe.

© Dr Ezhil Vendhan

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