Short story by Dr. Alaa Sameh Abd Alhameed 

Short story  by Dr. Alaa Sameh Abd Alhameed 

Once upon time, there was a kind king who looked after his people and always help the poor day he went in a picnic through the town ,he find a very poor child with torn clothes and dirty face.the child was crying so loudly,and our king asked him about the reason;he said “my father had died and left me with my mother who is very ill,and I had no money for her medicine as well” .the king’s tears had fallen for the child and he gave him some golden coins to buy all what he needed.the boy was very happy and he took a promise about himself to do well in his life.Days after days ,months and years passed ,our kind king became ill and his state was very serious and doctors from all the country failed to treat him with no use by everything and recipes. By chance In one morning someone came to his palace and wanted to meet him directly. servants let him entered, he was doctor and prepared anew medicine for the king.the king was very surprised but he took the medicine at once.After some hours our king improved and recoverd totally.He asked the doctor about his name and the doctor said “I am the child who gave him money for his ill mother ,now I help you or in other words Good deeds help you sir”.


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