The Caliginous Sky / Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha
The Caliginous Sky
The golden flame
turns into
a raging inferno:
Oh, the transformations of fire!
Happiness is shattered
like slivers of broken glass–
A beautiful dawn of friendship
couldn’t see the honey- coloured rays
and turned into
a dark dismal day:
The vibrant hues
became a vivid dream
opening the doorway
to a fuliginous world!
Restless is the night,
tumultuous the trees in rain
with their swell and wane,
up comes the silver disc–
White,faint and cold!
Aye, the moon’s peekaboo
with the monsoon clouds
seems to be over–
The blowing wind becomes
a valedictory wheeze!
Through the hallway of June
monsoon came
as a sudden delight;
I felt the rhythmic romp of waltz:
The rain- bearing clouds!
The cool breeze!!
The shower!!!
The nippy afternoon
was punctured
by the mellifluous call of the cuckoo:
The familiar ‘kooo-ooo’
made me visualise
the summer visitor
in a glossy bluish- black spectrum
with blood-red iris,
perching on the branch of golden Cassia
full of alluring splendour!
I let my eyes rain,
my heart scarred by
curt, non- reciprocal words!!!
Amid the rush of love
and the surge of grief
I think:
How you drifted away
plunging me
into a sea of sorrow.
A million memories
of what once was
and can never again be,
flash within me
though of a brief span!
Your half- known face
was a sketch
on the far horizon,
But l could see
Your outstretched hands
with a bunch of beautiful flowers;
I felt them
close to the corridors of heart-
The scent suffused the air!
But you caused the flowers to wither
in the formless void!
Why oh why?
Copyright Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

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