Poem by Kabedooopong Piddo Ddibe’st

Poem by Kabedooopong Piddo Ddibe’st


Mathematical Love

Like a shot missile,
I saw myself fall for you,
For those angelic eyes,
Only to find a roaring beast,
You were too beautiful.

In our diluted love,
We both lived a lie.
I lied to keep you,
You lied to milk me.
We were both too honest.

First, addition,
Then, multiplication,
Then, substraction,
Finally, division,
We were both good mathematicians.

We liars tell a lot of truths.


Bits of Woods

Dance while I still play,
With a face that you still can see,
I am not here to stay;
All I owe is but love for thee;
Players don’t last on stage;
First be true to thyself, then on stage.

Clock chimes, draws our hours,
When the hens throw not to the chicks,
And shades outcompete our powers,
Many loves to kiss still on thy cheeks,
Thy bones in grave strewn,
And mine with your love all fairly thrown.


Whip Worms 🐛

On the walls of stomachs,
They erect their tall flats
And their cash-nut heads
Project from their amoebic shells
Like the heads of tortoises.
These worms are not harmful,
Their arms are only whips,
Whips that resurrect the dead.
They mate and lay eggs
In mournful numbers on the tree of life,
Causing stomach upset
And a nonstop diarrhea nationwide.
As they hatch in the black soil,
They have already innocent blood
To shed, petals of blood, petals,
From the bottoms of the bare feet,
And climb to the highest tree peaks .

©®Kabedooopong Piddo Ddibe’st


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