Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha



A mad man bearing Angel
Can marry princess Angela
And bear a son, Anthony
And a daughter, Anthonia
The next may be Alexander
His twin, Alexandra,
The last could be Alfred
Who may want Anna,
It does not earn them an ‘A’

A scholar named Benson
Who has no sister, Bernice:
If a brother, Batholomew
Marries a cruel Bathsheba,
He can still advice Calistus
And pray for Calista
That makes him a Christian
Though his wife not Christiana,
Nobody can paint him red.

The strength of Daniel
Varies from that of Daniella,
The kingdom of David
Differs from that of Deborah,
However they see Edwin
And his friend Edwina
That never condemns Evan
Nor his mother, Evadene,
Everyone is different.

They met the Eunoch
Who took them to Eunice
For a prayer by Elijah
At the house of Elizabeth,
There they met Eric
With his concubine, Esther
Whose in-law was Emmanuel
And ex Emmanuella,
Life is really a twist.

A teacher named Fidelis
Has a pupil, Fidelia
He is always frank
With his colleague, Franca
But the headmaster Francis
Is always for Francisca,
And the gamesmaster, Gabriel
Always appears for Gabriella,
The rope is that long.

They respect Attanasius
And disobey Anasthesia
They follow Apollo
And abandon Apollonia
Then comes Hamman
Who hurts Hannah
Except there comes Joseph
Who interprets for Josephine,
There is a blindness.

He is called Jude
Trying to woo Judith
He is tall like Justine
Asking a favour from Justina,
Both are related to James
A cousin to Jamela
Who lost his father, John
That had a stepchild, Juan:
We live in a circle.

Trained by Lawrence
Renamed Lawrencia
She met a man Mark
Who took her as Mary,
They were wedded by Michael
And christened by Mitchelle,
He later became Martin
And called her Martina,
Life is changeable.

When they met Margaret
She introduced them to Magnus
Whose bodyguard was Modestus
And housewife, Modesta
All fellowshipped with Micah
And his daughter Maureen
They learnt of Moses
And his sister, Miriam
Life is interwoven.

There was a doctor, Gerald
Whose patient, Geraldine
Told about nurse Nightingale
In the presence of Nicholas,
When they talked of Oliver
And the writer, Olivia
They hailed Saint Patrick
And Sister Patricia,
The world has a link.

The representative Mathias
Must work for Martha
He must understand Rufus
In order to help Ruth
That they may live with Reuben
The widower of Rebecca,
Whose uncle Philip
Cares for little Phoebe,
Life is a slopy valley.

When we write for Samuel
We also compose for Salome,
Because of martyr Stephen
We leave not Stephanie,
When we pray for Sylvester
We encourage Silverline,
Because a model like Sylvanus
Can rescue young Sylvia,
Life has a tentacle.

The king and the queen
The hero and heroine
The prince and princess
The duke and duchess
The emperor and empress
The actor and actress
The victor and victress
The tiger and tigress
The lion and lioness
The priest and priestess
The god and goddess
The host and hostess
Life is more than a pair.



Serving is best with passion and worst with greed.

Life is a trash, unfortunately materialism hides this blunt truth.

Conscience is the costliest thing on earth. It is amazing how the rich hardly affords it while the poor strives.

Smart people get away with stinking issues whereas the otherwise get buried in no issues.

Honest people are not weak. Cheats are neither clever; they are big cowards.

Stingy people do not understand the freedom in helping others.

Those who should help, do not do so because they think and believe that, it pays to remain a lord.

Our individual principles and policies are our individual core values.

Whatever eats deep our fabric, leaves us as skeleton, it lasts longer than our breath.

The environment is a major stakeholder and shareholder in our lives, however the percentage of the shares it holds depends on how much we allow it buy or spend.



The law

Is raw
With his jaw;
He cuts a straw
With his saw,
And spares the claw
They use to draw
Their flaw.

The law is raw with his jaw, he cuts a straw with his saw and spares the claw they use to draw their flaw.

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