Poems by Prof. Muhammad Shanazar

Poems by Prof. Muhammad Shanazar


Silvery Days, Moonlit Nights

War has killed
In front of my wide opened eyes,
My silvery days and moonlit nights,
It has put cumbersome stone on my sentiments,
They flourish no more like grass beneath a stone,
Crippled, coiled,
Only they huff like an exhausted buck,
My mournful cries ever remain stifled,
In the roar of thundering guns.

Now I dig graves to bury their bodies,
In the graveyard of my heart.
Dancing death has trampled everything,
It has made the world desolate, muddled,
No one thinks beyond today,
No one takes part in the errands of life,
The people have forsaken the links of propinquity,
And they talk with the squealing sounds.

I have the cursed object in front of me,
But I don’t know who brought it up,
And how it became the rival of humanity,
I don’t have the courage to perforate its nose,
And to put into it a length of cable,
I don’t want to risk my life, nor gripe openly,
I am resolute to keep silence, not to unseal my lips,
Though it goes on incessantly,
Killing my silvery days and moonlit nights.


An Old Muck-Hauler
(Written on the first morn of 2017)

Just yesterday
When the last sun of year was descending down,
And reddish crimson twilight prevailed
The whole orison,
I came back exhausted from my own job,
My head pounded, my body pained,
And I rested on the sofa,
Placed beside the heating apparatus,
And soon I began to snooze.

Another world opened before me,
As if it was some world of dream,
It was the time of sunset, half-light, half-night,
And I stood along a straight highway,
Of moderate width, neither too wide nor too narrow,
Leading to where I didn’t know,
Occasionally men, women and children
Passed by in haste,
And sometimes animals of all kinds,
Though I stood at the brim of the road
Yet did not join them.

Then I saw a giant old man
Enormous bulk and body he had,
He hauled a muck-cart loaded
With numerous packs
Bound in rough pieces of cloth,
Blood seeped out of them splattered the road.

Plight of the hauler was miserable,
His wore the clothes made of some sturdy fiber,
But all blood stained,
Like long worn-out clothes of a butcher,
His skin was rough hard and crude,
But a man of strength and stamina he seemed to be,
He hauled the muck-cart straight
Applying all force on the belt on his belly,
And halted he when out of breath he was.

I walked along too in curiosity to see the stuff,
And I spoke to know who he was
And where he was hauling the muck-cart to.
In fact I felt pity for him
And thought to give him some relief,
In dragging contents of the load.
I said, “May I help you?”
“Who are you?”
“Where are you dragging the muck to?”
But he spoke nothing.

He went on with all his strength and forbearance,
Though it was cold yet at intervals he stopped
And wiped popped out sweat,
And after short awhile he stopped,
He looked at the half descended sun, all red-hot,
Turned to me and spoke to answer to my queries,
“May God bless you,
Be away, come not near the cart,
Lest you should stain you clothes.
The last year when I came,
My body was petal-like delicate
And face shone like the moon,
All the world rejoiced, greeted me, but today
I am alone, no one is there to bid good-bye,
It is my last turn,
The blood dripping muck is the flesh,
Shredded bodies and bones
Of the Syrian men, women and kids,
I am one of the hundred sons
Of 21st Century, I am 2016,
It is getting dark and I have to move on
To my own country, the Eternity”.

2 thoughts on “Poems by Prof. Muhammad Shanazar

  1. *** No, I’m not sure there is only one word to express the impression of writing the Great Poet, prof. Muhammada Shanazara. I would not compare it with any poet because his work, poetry and personality are Unique, Special.
    His expression has risen to the very top of world-poetic creativity. Without prejudice, the thought of reason, the heart of love, is engraved in every one of his verses. He is a knight, whose sword is a word, and strikes him by injustice, against those who are wartime wizards, for these ugly images are unforgettable:
    “The war killed
    In front of my wide open eyes,
    My silver days and the moon nights, “but behind his sad eyes there is a strong and emotional being who is skillfully finding the opportunity to develop the strategy that he transmits as the wind seed to other people.
    The devotion of the poet, prof. Muhammad Shanazara, is higher than the highest mountain peaks but his humor is singing:
    “I do not want to risk my life or openly open,
    I am determined to remain silent, not to shift my lips, “; a person who is apolitical understands the value of life and that wisdom learns to survive and finds a way and time to act. He succeeded!
    The joy of my heart is great to know that there is a man – a poet, prof. Muhammad Shanazara, warm heart to all people.
    With his poetry, he crosses the boundaries of the Planet, creating the New World.
    @ h.dž_Alma ..

  2. *** Ne, nisam sigurna da postoji samo jedna riječ kojom bih izrazila impresiju o pisanju Velikog Pjesnika, prof. Muhammada Shanazara. Ne bih ga ni uspoređivala s bilo kojim pjesnikom, jer je njegovo djelo, poezija i osobnost Jedinstvena, Posebna.
    Njegova ekspresivnost popela ga je u sam vrh svjetskog, poetskog stvaralaštva. Bez predrasuda, misao razuma, srce ljubavi, ugravirani su u svakom njegovom stihu. On je vitez, čiji je mač riječ, i njime udara po nepravdi, protiv onih koji su pokretači ratova, jer te ružne slike su nezaborav:
    „Rat je ubio
    Ispred mojih širokih otvorenih očiju,
    Moje srebrne dane i mjesečeve noći,“ ali iza njegovih tužnih očiju snažno stoji pametno i emocinalno biće koje vješto pronalazi mogućnosti kako da razvije strategiju, koju prenosi kao vjetar sjeme, na druge ljude.
    Odvažnost pjesnika, prof. Muhammada Shanazara, je viša od najviših planinskih vrhova ali njegova skromnost pjeva:
    „Ne želim riskirati svoj život, niti se javno otvoriti,
    Odlučan sam da šutim, da ne odmaknem usne,“; čovjek koji je apolitičan, shvata vrijednost života i da mudrost uči preživjeti i naći način i vrijeme za djelovati. On je uspio!
    Radost moga srca je velika što znam da postoji čovjek – pjesnik, prof. Muhammada Shanazara, toplog srca za sve ljude.
    Svojom poezijom razmiče granice na Planeti, stvara Novi svijet.
    @h.dž_Alma .. :)>

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