Poems by Salman Fawaz Adewale 

Poems by Salman Fawaz Adewale 



Is for the blessed soul that is reading this piece,
To have bountiful blessings that will never cease,
Is for the people that care for me, 
To sing endless songs of joy as it ought to be.

Is for the friendly friends that treat me with commendable cordiality,
To be fulfilled with rapture and never ever lack ecstasy,
Is for those I rely on as my family,
To gain gleeful affluent affinity.

Is for those in abject poverty,
To be treasured and become wealthy,
Is for those living where peace is in decrease,
To regain an atmosphere where peace will ever increase.

Is for the homeless who have not any shelter,
To be rest assured and be more prosper,
Is for the poor who can not afford any meat,
To no more lack stupendous money and suitable foods to eat.

Is for those that taught me and the ones that gave me chance to know,
To never encounter sadness for once or experience any sorrow,
Is to have breakthrough and become successful,
Is to achieve my aims – reach my goals and be more faithful.



My precious pearl! Please lend me your ears I wish to weave a tale,
A tale of love – a tale of passion that will never turn-out a stale, 
Sweetie I have a wine of love please come let us dine,
As you sip from the wine let your waist swing serpentine.

Dearie, permit us to become priceless peersouls; and to the world of love we shall venture,
Perhaps, together we can navigate the vivacious virtues of our vibrant future,
I’m surely the mankind crafted for your kind,
And in sickness and pains I pledge to be one of a kind.

Oh! How I wish seem seems become what it seems to be,
Then your love will be the elixir of existence that will sew us to all we are meant to be,
To you this journey to the future might look fearful and smells damn,
But if you keep calm with me there wouldn’t be any cause for alarm.

Let us bind the language of love that can be seen by the blind,
For from the elders and old it has been pinned.


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