Infinity To Destiny / Poem by Irannii Saikia

Poem by Irannii Saikia


Infinity To Destiny 

Making a dreamland
I have provided
Such as tools
that heart and soul.
Though situations
to turn to account
for present.
Thinking of useful
utilized truth
to find an illuminate way.
Never seen
the top of hillock !
That in there have a treasure,
Like an angel
progesses has been stand
to welcome everyone.
Trying to hear
all pains of dears and nears,
Forgot to move and walk !
Where should I go
and to whom I know ?
Knowing those abilities
or disabilities,
Started to recollect
record of past by heart.
I have analized all highlights
The life long tragic, epics
prefix and holistic.
While preparing a format
with comedy life
Between immitations and limitations
Myself found an infinity
like a new born baby.
Knowing the truth by soul
Heart touches the goal.
Destiny said,
It’s a miracle !
Pick me up
with a good grace.
Infinity to destiny
May be a heavenly way !

All right reservedIrannii SaikiaIrannii Saikia


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