Poems by Obella Stephen

Poems by Obella Stephen
The King Without A Crown
The King without a head crown;
Is worse than a cock without red head fire:
He is a body without a head,
Alpha and Omega of himself and no one else.
His empty skull is big without a brain,
He was advised to slaughter his own neck.
The King without a head crown;
Is a well armed fool,
Wise in madness, and mad in wisdom,
He led a batallion of fools,
To conquer the Kingdom of Death.
So, he killed the innocent innocently,
And dined with his bloody criminals:
Chicken and women thighs on his large table,
Skulls and human bones on their plates,
Wines, champaignes, bedroom politicking;
A rich poor man is a poor rich man;
Partying like yesterday ended today,
And today ended tomorrow.
Ofcourse, his rule for this Great Kingdom,
Ended before it began,
As he died before living his life,
And sadly lived in pain after his final death.
Daughter of my land,
Born between erect twin hills,
Where the sun was born;
Daughter of the river streams:
You confuse my bald head,
Like alphabetical letters.
Did you know how my heart pumps?
Like the village borehole.
Your eyes are white,
Like the horned Karamojong cow,
Whose milk fills an ocean.
You are the goddess of white ants;
Infact, the mother of Great River Nile,
Whose mushroom made hat,
Is wider than a winnowing pan.
I have moved whole over Osukut Village;
East, West, North, South,
All around the equator,
From heaven to hell,
From one grass thatched hut to another,
From witch doctor to witch doctor,
But no beauty equals you.
The mother of the sun and moon;
The roaring lions worship you,
Old men salivate, too.
My girl from Teso Land,
The land of wise men,
Whose skin is for mother ant hill,
Prepare my bush porridge;
Mix inside guord sour milk.
Your legs are of the duck,
I adore you with breathing lungs,
Like my tobbacco pipe,
You are ground nuts in my butter.

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