Elvira Kujović is member of World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan

 Elvira Kujović is member of World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan

Elvira Kujović, is a poet with migration background. She is bilingual poet. She was born in Serbia, but she has been living in Germany since 1992 and since 2013, she successfully been writing poetry. The first book in German »Ein Gedicht schreit auf aus meiner Brust« was published in Berlin in 2016. The second book in Serbian language entitled “Ljubav i strah” was published in Belgrade by the publisher “Alma” in 2017, and also in Italian language under the name “L`Amore e la paura” in 2018. The third book is titled “The Last Coffee” and has just recently been published in the USA in January 2018, it has been translated also into Mandarin and published in Taiwan in May 2018. Her Poems have been translated into several languages, including Arabic, Turkish and have been published in many World Anthologies and important literary Institutions as Literature Museum in Chile and Taiwan. Her poetry is being monthly published in many literary magazines in several countries. She writes mostly social critical poems. She has studied English Literature and Law. Now she is writing and publishing books and struggling in this way for the human rights.



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