Firuze Mammadli (Azerbaijan)

Firuze Mammadli (Azerbaijan)
Firuze Mammadli was born in 1940 to the family of intellectual, in the village of Janakhur of the district of Khachmaz of the Republic of Azerbaijan. During 1949-1958 she studied at Hulovlu secondary school, and finished the secondary school with silver medal. In 1955, she was awarded by bronze medal for studying well and for the new apple sorts she grew at the school garden.
In 1960 she entered Quba Medicine Technical School, and in 1963 she graduated from the school with excellent marks. In 1964, she entered the Azerbaijani language and literature faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute named after Lenin, and in 1968 she graduated from institute with honorary diploma.
During 1968 -70’s according to the appointment she worked as a teacher at Pedagogical Technical School of the city of Nakhchivan and at Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute.
In 1970 she returned to Baku and began to work at the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute , at the department of linguistics of Azerbaijani language. In 1980 she defended candidature on the topic of “Language and style features of the historical novels of Y. V. Chamenzeminli” and got the degree of PHD on philology. Since 1990 she has been working at the department of Modern Azerbaijani language.
The name of Furuze Mammadova is known as linguist-scientist, literary –critic in the republic. Her scientific works have been valued by the scientists highly.
Firuze Mammadova is the author of some textbooks, methodical books and programs. She had been scientific leader about ten magister.
During the 50 years working at Azerbaijan Pedagogical University she has great role in training new cadres.
Her first poetry book “Silvery man” was published in 1972, in “Ganjlik” publishing house. Then her following poetry books were published: “ Spring fell on my way”, “Your life” , “ Maturity” , “ An inch of height”, “The world dividing me by me”, “I shall get over the borders of time”,
During 2002-2009 her poetry book was published in five volumes.
Firuze Mamadli was also engaged in translation and translated the works of Uzbek, Turkish, Persian and Tajik poets into Azerbaijani language.
Her poems have been translated into English, Russian, Uzbek Turkmen, Georgian, Ukraine, Polish, French, Turkish, and Persian languages.
In 1992 she was awarded with the prize of “Alishir Nevai” in the festivity held in the city of Bursa of the Republic of Turkey, including she was the participant of some festivities and symposiums and was honored with prizes and certificates.
Firuze Mammadli takes an active part in the social life of the Republic. In 1995 her name was in the list of the candidates for being deputy from the New Azerbaijan Party.
Firuze Mamadova is the author of more than 30 scientific works including four monographs and a number of scientific publicistic articles.
She is the president grant holder of 2008. In 2012 she was awarded with “ Progress medal” on the occasion of 90 yearly anniversary of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.
In 2017 she held the first place in the poetry contest organized by the Ministry of Culture and was awarded with the prize of “ Golden word”.
In This World
Let me kiss the hands of pains,
In this world only they don’t abandon me.
Pains catch all future that fallen out with me,
And keep in this frail World.
I wonder why they saw me firstly,
Maybe they knew I keep my promise.
Don’t be afraid, pains will never leave me,
They were happy inside of my World.
At times the pains are like fake friends,
Or sometimes are grief to me dear ones.
My God, these pains are enough for lifetime,
Only I feel them in this World.
Let they undress, let me see them,
Their nights are born in the name of daytime.
Under the names of Egypt, Afghanistan, Palestine,
The bloods of the pains run in this World.
The pain of Qarabagh is still dozing,
The purgatories are like a well full of secrets.
The pains are figure, are the heights,
Is there any poet without pains in this World?
I Divided My Time
I also gave up you, I abandoned you too,
I am not in need of you, don’t approach me.
From my brain I forgot the document named as you,
With your non-existence punish me as you wish.
I divided my time, my time was more,
To spend a day with you wasn’t as good as I wished.
In the game of love your feelings weren’t pure,
What you ran after, wasn’t love at all.
You are another kind of test for me,
You were empty veins of the days I saw.
I didn’t know whether you were far or near me,
You were like the edge of road where you stood.
From where did the parting begin to blow?
Feeling of being without you isn’t strange anymore.
The portion of love that you shared for me,
Is the punishment of the God, it isn’t a prize.
Now I am the offended creature of the feelings,
The epilogue of my grief has remained under my chest.
My tortures don’t wish anything from the world,
My spirit is left on the fence that I leaned against.
Human Beings
As soon as babies leave the nappy,
They are tested inside of troubles.
They gain joy themselves, grief is sent by God.
The human beings are offended by the destiny.
When their hopes are broken, they can make hopes,
They are the past, the present and the future.
When their wishes don’t bloom,
Human beings may revolt against justice too.
If they have shortage of belief and faith,
Their life will never be in bloom.
They are guilty at their guilt,
They may cut their own hands.
Their wishes and native or strange,
Brave ones walk on foot, traitors are on horses.
From their hands a life may step to their hearts,
The human beings may hide the secrets under their chest.
They are born for themselves, but live for the others,
They are settled on the spring and winter of their life.
At times they are rages as the stormy seas,
At times they are longing for the pure water.
Their life call for mourning, but hearts for weddings,
They may sacrifice their life in the way of what they want.
They feel the life when they are on the edge of life,
Human beings are simple, difficult and easy.
It Rotates Us
Everything will be over slowly,
One day the months and years will leave us.
When somebody comes to life, other passes away,
The world rotates us around its head.
If it has fire in one hand, it has water in other hand,
Since the beginning the world is the friend of the justice.
It is on the way of from cradle to grave,
It caught us and rotates willingly.
Some are on the way of evil, behaves as Satan,
Some perform namaz since realizing the life.
The world doesn’t distinguish giaour and devout,
It rotates all of us in vain forever.
Both the mankind and the world develop,
The world is so since it was created.
We are always flowing like waters,
The world rotates us how it wants.
One day everything will be in order,
The justice will get over the borders.
Once the God’s hand will hold our hands,
The world liked us, it “rotates” us.
Translator: Sevil Gulten

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