Rain / Poem by Nnane Ntube

Poem by Nnane Ntube



Hey Rain!
Pour your drops on our Zincs!
Hearts are cold here,
Make them warm!
Look! Marie, doesn’t want to go to bed,
And Peter eagerly waits for her.

Hey Rain!
Play your drum on our Zincs!
Let the echo overshadows our stealthy moans!
Your cold is our warmth.
Press hard rain!
As we press hard on beds!

Send away the busy crowd
For they make careless noise.
Your noise, is music to our souls.

Hey Rain!
Beat the pale soil!
Open its pores to drink from you!
Our parents seek to till
Where draught once laid

You know, frogs adore you,
They hum as you tune
They’re your background singers,

The sun is jealous of you.
For people find joy playing in you,
Children dance under your parental care,
Crickets rejoice in angelic moods,
Man is but an admirer of your drops.

Hey Rain.
Clap your drops on on our dusty Zincs!

Nnane Ntube.
Inspired by Rahmah Raji

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