Alfred Asis is member of World Nations Writers Union, Kazakhstan

Alfred Asis is member of World Nations Writers Union, Kazakhstan

Congratulation to Alfred Assisi, a poet, writer, religious scholar, humanist and naturalist form Chile, on becoming an official member of World Nations Writers Union, Kazakhstan, he is an author of several books and awardee of numerous literary honors and accolades. We cordially welcome him in the galaxy of world intellectuals and WNWU appoint its representative in Chile.

Alfred Assisi takes his name from Francisco de Asís, saint and poet, due to the incalculable values ​​of the nobility of his spirit and his dedication to humans, animals and nature. Walking through the paths of this land enters the most remote corners to extract the purest feeling, tear the past and investigate the sciences attached to the elements that inhabit, inhabit and inhabit these floors. Once the poet’s visions have been transformed, he transfers them to paper, to photography, to the diaporamas and to the filming that he begins to present in educational establishments in the country, reaching isolated places in civilization, in which he imparts his teachings, opening a horizon broader and more generous among students of schools in northern and southern Chile since 1970. He began writing during the decade of the 60’s in his school moments. The lyrics begin to fill their books, transforming into poetry the countless landscapes that it has been seen in thousands of kilometers traveled. This is how he presents, in addition, photographic exhibitions in different cities of Chile, usually accompanied by allusive texts and thoughts that go beyond physical vision, taking the imagination to the natural poetry that emanates from his own conscience with the feeling that makes it characteristic. Let his works rest and dedicate himself to highlight the literary values ​​of consecrated, emerging and children who begin in the letters beginning to call these to participate in world anthology and compilation works, honoring poets and characters who have left a trace in the world with his delivery, fight and literary works. Innumerable institutions have supported these world works which have been presented in literary stages, universities, cultural centers and emblematic places representing universal cultures such as Machupicchu in Peru and Isla Negra in Chile.


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