Hearts are Broken / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Hearts are Broken

Hearts are broken
so many lives shattered
ruthless policies enacted
completely disregarding the common good…….

All that mattered was his installation
as the appointed dictator
how easily the grand plan was effected
elevating a tyrant
to demigod status
ruthlessly dismembering our beloved democracy
with no checks and balances
how quickly we are sliding
into autocracy
begging the question –
how precarious
how fragile
was the foundation …….

Civil liberties eroded
our rights as citizens abrogated
we will be living in constant fear
asking: who’s next
precisely the way strongmen like it….

Our nation now fractured
a people divided
can we ever cross the chasm
return to civility
where an open exchange of
dialogue can happen….

A question whose answer
remains to be seen
resisting cynicism
yet it’s worrisome
the likelihood of restoring sanity
any time soon questionable …..

Is there no help
we are on the precipice
of losing our democracy…freedom…liberty
so precious ………

Cry now
righteous Lady of the Harbor
mourn the loss of our valor
our nation
no longer the land of welcome
were we ever
something to ponder….

The poet’s words of hope
no longer matter
we are lost
no compass
no North star to guide us
we are sorely disoriented
can’t find our way back home
the last hope of the hopeful


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018


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