ON THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HUMANISM / Poem by Kairat Duissenov Parman

Poem by Kairat Duissenov Parman



Today in an African state: Ghana,
We celebrate the International Day of Humanism.

Hey! You all sons of humanity
When Mother gave you birth,
She did not tell you how you would be,
Nor did you have a choice,
One thing was certain,
She dreamt for you an impeccable life,
But now I wonder how you have learnt wrongdoings,
How you have lost your innocent mind that you have along in your childhood
And how you have learnt to spoil lives of the fellow beings.

You have become a cause of turmoil,
You have scattered thorns of difficulties on the path of humanity,
You have stabbed a dagger into the back of Peace,
The powerful make a fun in bleeding the weak,
But I look for a high Temple of mercy
To be built that may stand up with all its splendour.
Now, it is the best time to forget the wars,
As they lengthen the rows of orphans and widows,
Make mothers and fathers depressed and despised in their dotage,
To crush strength with strength is an old mode,
It has given nothing to humanity
But hardships of hunger, poverty, death and disease,
Now is the time to compensate follies of the past,
It is not wise to miss the opportunity,
Let us stop killing the humanity,
Let us seek for some method of chemistry
To change liquid tears into hard shining gems,
And mind sullied with odium
Into the same that our Mother bestowed
While she gave birth to us all.

Translated by author, Editir by Muhammad Shanazar

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