Poems by Dr. L Sr. Prasad

Poems by Dr. L Sr. Prasad


(Hair raising stories-4)

In those days of my childhood, my grand father used to say in unique tune,
-‘Oh son! You can not count stars in the sky, grains in the desert sand dune
And hair on your head!, – taking puffs from his cigar in intervals of story-telling;
Now we know how to count the hundred and fifty thousand hair trees without felling

It is very painful for the bald bachelor gent how much intelligent he may be,
His male type of baldness gives a negative score in marriage hive of honey bee!
Some one who has hair loss curse the mirror and try to cover the hair loss crisis
With a few date palms slanting like exclamation marks on the shining oasis!

Baldness and common cold are the age old enemies that afflicted the humankind!
Michael Zordan, Mike Tyson, Gandhi, Bruce willis, Vin Diesel had baldness to befriend!
Alopex is fox that sheds its hair twice a year to be bald and regrow it in full trend!
Try ‘ comb over’. Hat,wig, toupee, monoxidil steroids or hair transplantation to the end!

All ribald jokes on bald heads are in bad taste that may have contrecoup effect!
Everyone in one’s lifetime suffer either hair thinning or loss and no one is ever perfect!

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad 2.7.2018


(Hair raising stories-3)

Then the silly idiot asked the sage with long and thick bearded visage,
-‘O learned sir! tell me, why hair on our body in different places of same age,
Is called with different names and why it grows long on head but in shortage,
In other places, what controls its length and fall, why women folk have less foliage?

-‘ it is all in the genes and anagen my boy!’- said the saint with a faint smile,
-‘If you grow hair allover how to distinguish you ape from the monkeys in a file?
About shaving you are bothered imagine how much money and time all the while,
You save and the respect you gain as an intellectual in your facebook profile!’-

-‘Look at those beard styles- goatee, chin curtain, chinstrap, hulihee, stubble,
Shenandoah, Van Dyke, soul patch, side burns and you take so much trouble,
In growing and maintaining it like a garden, but pogonotrophy costs double or treble,
So like me you can live happily with hair n mind grow in virtues without sin rubble!’

The idiot became wise after learning hair cults of human race with faces grim!
He started an online app to give clients and poets a few tips on how to cut and trim!

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad 2.7.2018



Fair or unfair, hair lines are as famous and fast as past and present airlines,
Thirty thousand years or more if you go travel back into history shrines,
Venuses of Willendorf, Brassempouy likes walking head high with braided hair twines,
You may find Bronze aze razors, quince seeds, curling tongs, pins and color shines!

Perukes or periwigs for males O Louis thirteen of France, what an idea sir ji,
Dominated the royal visages with beards, mustaches and sideburns fine and sleazy,
Fashions changed fast like London rainfall,
a shift to shorter hairstyles was easy,
Pixie cuts, long and straight hair, scrunchy and punk styles hair lines went very crazy!

Leeches, oak apples or copper marinated in wine and vinegar used, to darken hair,
Washing soda, lime or wood ash to lighten the hair, pearl nets, silk caps to cover fair,
Saffron, sulfur, borax or saltpeter to burn the hair fiery red on the fashionable upstair,
Every country and race they have their own hair lines and styles to be unique and flair,

Hair style is a language by itself and it evolved continuously with time and tides resonance!
Hairlines are awesome or gruesome like the airlines or poetry lines in their sense or appearance!

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad 2.7.2018


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