Poem Redux / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem Redux

It occurred to me
cannot be rushed
words are sacred serious beings
created of crushed gold leaf
hope and promises hardened in platinum
silver’s flaming desire…..

Forged in baptismal fires
an unsheathed sword
cuts through the remains of the day
revealing the heart of the matter
proudly displaying
indistinct dreams of significance
alchemized into words and lines…….

Poetry is the sound the heart makes
in love with the universe
holds within it the ineffable
except by reference
using metaphorical language
pointing to those things
universally recognizable to the heart……

Poetry speaks beyond the senses
delights in the sensual pleasure
a never ending party
we dance the light fantastic
from stanza to stanza
hungrily devouring nuggets of truth
the heart responds with quickening beats
moved and changed
we are hard pressed to describe
oh, how so…..

The permeability of skin
invites inhalation
of a gossomer-like fragrance
the tantalizing aroma of urgency
with pen in hand
the bearer waits patiently
for inspiration
truth sought in every syllable
for those who suffer
redemption at long last
found in the in between
of final lines……….


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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