Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Touch her not
She’s more of an explosive
With power immense
To burn or bury you alive.
Touch her not
A stinging bee she is
Poisonous enough
To mar your mind active.
Touch her not
A scorpion she is
May sting you hard
Your blood will turn toxic .
Her heart
A flowing river
A welcoming rain
A breeze to appease
A shade from the sun
A nectar like sweetness
A lap of eternal pleasure
A lullaby to lull your wild soul
A cuckoo’s song to relieve pain
Her heart
A solace ev’r
A hope for you
A dream for you
A guide to lead you
A muse to inspire you
A friend to stand by you
A light house to guide you
A goddess to safeguard you
A gust of cold wind to refresh you
Her heart
A butterfly
A telling tale
A divine grace
A nvr tiring soul
A shoothing light
A colourful rainbow
A paragon of beauty
A long cherished book
A graceful serene soul
A nourishing refreshment
A sweet refreshing fragrance
A patch of love drenched cloud
A soul like soul giving eternal bliss
S h e…
Unique !
Your wife
Your sister
Your mother
Your daughter
Woman you love
Next to heart most.
know not why everything around
does look so absurd and hazy
know not why my world falters
like a pendulum and is so muzzy
know not why things don’t remain
the same when not densely fuzzy
know not why my sincere words
never ever make them a bit crazy
know not why my life quite blurry
whereas some others’ so cozy
know not why like a chameleon
they change but never go mazy
know not why trying to smile I fail
and unexpectedly I feel so dizzy
know not why darkness wraps me
and lights cannot keep me busy
know not why troubles trouble
and me always undeniably oozy
know not why plights hug me hard
and my innocence sees things rosy
My time slips
my lines fade and
I start fainting in a moment
sandwiched between
to be or not to be.
Butterflies fly in the blue
crossing borders
surpassing hurdles
and ruling over
my realm of dreams.
In the nick of time
hopes make me live ;
next moment like a bulldozer
my liabilities make them
suffocate and ruin .
As sparrows in my courtyard
chirrup in bedlam
my spirit swings with them
absorbed in the music
and magic undoubtedly mine.
*(c) Dasharath Naik

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