Poems by Sunita Paul

Poems by Sunita Paul
Self respect
I’ll break yours in all aspect
Don’t challenge my
Determined mind
I’ll leave you far behind
Don’t challenge my failures
I’ll throw you a success which you can’t endure
Don’t challenge my love
Almighty will prove it from heaven above.
Who am I?
I didn’t get the answer till date,
I don’t know the reason why,
But that is my fate.
Born to loving parents,
I got the best of what life meant.
Being a single pampered child,
Enjoyed each moment calm and wild.
From that age even,i wondered WHO AM I?
Married to a loving husband
Being a caring wife
Is it all that I needed in life??
Again struggling to get the answer,don’t know why
That really WHO AM I?
Being a mother is such a heavenly feel,
I got such loving kids and I feel blessed,
But still it cannot heal,
The question which haunts me till I’m dead.
Now at this mature age
When life is settled at a calm stage
I ask me ,WHO AM I?
But found no answer don’t know the reason why.
Can’t I have an own identity?
And people will accept me with dignity?
Why do women have to live a life only for other?
Being only a wife,daughter ,sister or a mother?
So I still am searching the answer,
From people and places near and far,
As I find my search complete,
I promise I won’t cheat.
I’ll come and tell you here,
Without any tantrums or fear,
All hidden truths and no lie,
I will let you know,
Who am I!!!!!!

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