Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Fruits of Labour are Sweet to Enjoy!

A joy of satisfaction, after completing a project work,
Seems to be more than a heaven to enjoy in this world!
Anything without any bottle necks and any hurdles is
Not so interesting to bring a best ending with success!

The value and joy of shade of tree with cool breeze can’t
Be realized unless one undergoes a difficult time in hot
Sunny day at the peak of summer whether it is in the centre
Of tropical region or any other zone of the global latitude!

Taking a challenging work is a risky matter indeed sure,
But when it is successfully finished with clever moves and
Ideas creative many doors open themselves automatically to
Show secret ways to go ahead to the world of heaven to enjoy!

Success, achievement and joy put man in heavenly comfort at
Last, when a matter is successfully completed with hard work!
Fruits of labour are sweet to enjoy only after the efforts of a
Great plunge heart and soul involving oneself complete in job!


A Paradise of Nature to Feel A State of Heaven!

If a thing happens according to one’s wish,
The feeling one experiences is happiness..;
If a thing is taken up to be done and is done
Against all discouragements, one gets peace!

Fulment, peace, joy and satisfaction bring
A sense of feeling one gets as one enjoys all
Comforts sans worries, pain and agony forever
And in such a feeling is where heaven lies!

The pleasure, joy, peace and bliss in one in
Nature if one enjoys is where paradise exists
Making one dream of exotic joy of ehtusiasm
Needing nothing more in this world unique ever!

Peace, joy and bliss sans worries, woes and any
Agony are in paradise of Nature to feel a state
Of heaven, if one does all one’s obligations and
Works one has to perform completely well sure!


A Machine World Malfunction!

Machine world is created by man to serve mankind;
Sans proper preparation earlier machines malfunction
Irritating one engaged with the urgent works to be done!

Unless machines are kept in good working condition,
They are useless toys in the hands of man in urgent need
Of them to complete important business very soon sure!

Frustration builds up pressure but machine has no such
Sense to fulfil the urgent need of a person in a hurry
So that a day cannot be wasted in vain till it’s all right!

Artificial intelligence is another great advancement with
The use of machines to do the jobs of intelligent ones;
But its problems will again lead to frustration sooner!

All going at full speed carried away by increasing interest,
Who can one rectify the malfunctioning machines at full speed?


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