Poems by Amanita Sen

Poems by Amanita Sen
I have time
My affirmation makes them glow.
Each time they ask me,
“Ma’am, have you got time?”
The man in the bookstore
points towards his fresh stock
with a beaming smile ,
when I say, “Yes I have.”
His books have an onlooker.
The girl in my salon
exudes joy, freely expressing
with a teasing smile,
when I say, “Yes, I have.”
She has her old client.
The lazy dog at home,
snuggles close, wags his tail,
gauging happily my intent
from my touch I have time.
His mom is home.
Making a happy difference
each time, the three magic words,
“I have time”, for its preciousness,
for its mighty finiteness,
Before thinning into air, finally!
After a while
After a while eyes get used to the
firmest of darkness,and though you
were tripping a while ago
without the light, in the dark theater,
after a while you can even see
the glimmer in the eyes of the boy,
in the corner smooching his friend.
Icy cold water feels less prickly
after a while, and the whistle of train,
piercing the night-sky and the sleep,
soon turns to lullaby.
After a while the loud wails
turn to soft moans ,
the searing pains turns to
those tolerable ones.
Adaptability of senses
to near impossibilities
Keep our race ticking.
After a while the dimming effect
of the memory is simply a boon.
But all that is, after a while.

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