Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
I was born in Covasna on 14th April,1980
Everything ,I write and have written is from the heart..
My new book of poetry is published with Romanian language ”You are my early drew” title ”Tu eşti roua dimineţii.”
I am an author of a book titled ”Your absence makes me thin” Hungarian lanhuage
I am reborn
our story is different
our story is unique….
you stole my heart
one day
you left me..
I can smile without you
I can live
this pain so sweet
like a honey
I am reborn.
Golden morning
Golden morning.
Birds chiriping..
I saw you.
I am happy
I blushed.
your name
dedicated my sweet Romanian friend Vasile
your name
like a melody
your name
like a beautiful poem
dear friend
God bless you.
you are the miracle..
Dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
my pen writes
what my heart dictates:
you are the
beauty in my poem
you are the breath
in my poem
you are the heart
in my poem
you are the soul
in my poem
dear friend
you are the miracle
in my poem
you are the greatest
inspiration every day
I adore you.
happiness is when…
dedicated my best turkish friend
happiness is when
your smile
pierces my eyes
you laugh out loud
your hand entangled in mine..
I feel satisfied.
Your lips..
dedicated my nice Turkish friend
My pen writes
What my heart dictates
Your lips is the best poem.

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