Durgesh Verma

Durgesh Verma
Durgesh Verma is a social worker working as a President in ‘Sparsh Touching Lives Research & Development Trust’, Varanasi in several fields. The aim is to educate primary level children so they may prepare their best future in Varanasi, U.P. Currently; he is working for the State Government Programme- National Health Mission as a Divisional/District Program Coordinator in State Nodal Centre, Institute of Medical Sciences, College of Nursing, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has a track record of fund raising and publicity and he is a skilled communicator.
Previous years, 7 compositions of him are published in USA in Feelings International: A Book of International Artists Vol. 2, 3 of his compositions are published in Canada in Voices of Humanity Volume 2 and a composition is published in Australia in THE AUSTRALIA TIMES POETRY- Volume 4 No. 23.
Along with this, he participated in a Public Talk on “Learn to find your hidden talent” by Mr. Geshe Michael Roach (Diamond Cutter Institute, USA on 13-02-2017 in Mahamana Hall, Seminar Complex, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India and received ‘Certificate of Participation’. On dated 25-02-2017 he participated in An Inter Collegiate Debate on ‘Female Foeticide’ in Indian Medical Association, Varanasi. On 8th April, 2017 he also participated in LEAD- Leaders Accelerating Development program, ABLT (IIT – BHU). A composition of him is published in an Anthology book “A Sublime Collection of ACROSTICS on Yayati Madan G Gandhi (By Poets Fraternity from Across the World)- Haryana, a composition ‘Overabundance of Books in Market’ has been selected & published with a brief context on Daath Voyage: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies In English, a composition has been selected & published with a brief context on Diff Truths, 2 compositions are published in Tuck Magazine-Canada and on 13-04-2017 5 compositions have been published in Asian Signature: A Journal of Poetry and poetics.
He has post graduated with a degree in Commerce from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth University, Varanasi. He speaks Hindi and English and in his spare time enjoys listening to all genres of music, swimming, writing social, logical, philosophical, and spiritual poems in Hindi, Urdu & English which may help lead to global peace and harmony.
Be a believer
“When all the doors
are closed
and friends
become foes.
Pray to God
in pious pose.
You will bloom
like the fragrance of rose.”
“I’ve seen
people wish
to get rid of sorrow.
It hardly leaves
but always stands
in front of us to take it borrow.
Feelings of sheer sadness,
our opinions about leading life
turn narrow.
It not only fills present-day with tense
but also wastes
precious moments of tomorrow.
fly fearlessly
like the agile sparrow.
Let’s come
to enjoy each
pleasant scenario.”
Never give up
The fleeting time
catches its thirsty prey
by the alluding
mirage of wine.
Glasses of wine
misguide the person
by offering
plates of salty dine.
The weary traveler
finds no zest
in such
empty glasses and dinner.
He begins his journey
as a child again
to quench
the thirst with water.”
©Durgesh Verma

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