Sometimes we need to freeze ourselves,
Our thoughts,
Our whole body.
To tidy,
To relax,
These are necessary for us.
Do not do anything,
Do not think and feel.
How beautiful,
The whole body finds peace.
Maybe she’s to the reacting.
She does not think anything left behind.
She left everything as it with the truth,
Where she should leave everything.
And the life is starting again with peace.
İn this most beautiful life freeze,
And stay like that for a while.
To take refuge in silence,
To be away from harm,
To be happy.
Something like running to the infinity to freeze,
And start a new life again.
To start a new, clean life,
To stand and run again.
It is tired to rest and freeze.
Faith is freezing for tighter connections.
Running freely,
Finding peace,
Reaching places difficult to reach.
To regain lost ones,
To embrace life with love,
And gain strength,
Do freeze for a while,
And stay the same.

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