Poems by Irannii Saikia

Poems by Irannii Saikia


A Birth Have Flash 

In a majestic window
Looks like a bow,
A flash of glossy
Suddently crushed
by universe light and dust.
A birth for life’s
I have taken
with fragrance.
Within rock
beyond light,
water, sand and land,
All were covered me
‘ O ‘ thee !
I told you that glory
like a story.
Someone are you
appeared with dew,
Thinking of a queen
you have offered
those marvellous rings.
Very earliest
I thought, you was committed
to fond of me
with desire of love
‘ O’ thee !
Wanted to see
you in that hillock
I was flown like a bee.
Though an affection
I know it’s a power of creation
only for glee.
I have been choosen
you as a king in heaven.

The power of heart
that a white lotus.
Elegant queen I’m
Mind and body
Needed to dance.
Holding the two hands
with you
in each land of a part.
Through a blast
suddently flash
for a birth.
That’s shining truth I’m
as an earth.

** All right reserved@ 
@Irannii Saikia (07-08-20!8 )

Note : Today on 09-08-2018,
I have polished this poem by added few words newly…….to shine it more,

Humble regards to all for encouraged, appreciated and coopperated to me through your love and affection.

Thank you.


A Song To Elevate 

I am a queen
without king,
Traveller by season’s curricle
with my papet cushat.

Oh dears,
Neighbourhood and nears,
Don’t try to spoil
that softness and kindness
through the eyes of
envious view.
I can bring
the mysterious truth,
And a treasure that
magnificent Epic have stored.
To raise up aloft
for you and you.
My elegant nature
naturally captured
to rule this land.
The Earth that
have taken birth
for you and you.

** Alright reserved@ Irannii Saikia


Found An Ommission In One Side 

Magic of a beauty
in women.
Be a human from earliest
people inspired.
Feel awesome
As a woman,
Beyond jewelries
or within !
No matter they are married,
unmarried and widows.
Traditions, cultures
can bring about us
for womanhood.
Heart and soul
can communicate for united.
Authentic and talented
they are !
Though got awarded.
But they became bliss
Without any crown
with kind and noble heart
for peace,
Appeared like ‘ Saint Mother Teresa ‘

A woman,
Have dressed elegantly
with a good grace
to reach a dreamland palace.
All attitudes elevated
As ‘ Goddess Lakshmi ‘

To be a mother
Feel proud that,
Humen are alive
by taken birth
in each moment
as a symbol of baby.

They or she
Highly honour
as a daughter and sister
that to hang together
be a wife !
Invisible truth
need to appear,
Those ommissions words
that touches my heart.
Alas ! How can I play ?
How can deliver
the dramatic dialogues ?
Mysterious drama
May be ‘ hard nut to crack .’
Without wiped that tears
on a boat,
They are sailing
in the lonely river.
Beyond or without ‘ Sindoor ‘
That a vital red
symbolic of fertilities.

They are unique and courageous
Committed for flash of light
in earth.
Don’t know to compare
all haves and have – nots.
Behaviours appears
Like ‘ Florence Nightingale ‘
Hided the hole of dark
in own.

Though, ommission
found at one corner only,
For lively life
whom, to pull on
to grew up newly.

All right reserved@ Irannii Saikia
( 06-07-2018 )


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