Universe’s wild Dance / Poem by Dr. Santosh Bakaya

Poem by Dr. Santosh Bakaya
Universe’s wild Dance
The universe was reeling in a wild dance.
Whirling blasts, whistling and moaning, the growling of the deeps.
A sinister chorus.
Was I drowning? Ah, I was so tense.
In the wilderness, dense,
I found myself gingerly walking a rickety footbridge,
an owl’s muted hoot, the crunch of a heavy foot!
Fear gripped me; on a pebble I tripped,
once again slipping
on lurking dangers and life’s layered complexity.
Piercing the darkness, there was a jubilant shout, “land ahoy.”
With the nimble- footedness of a ballerina,
I twirled on my feet, steadying my heart beat, gone berserk.
Immediately I perked up, as bright hues appeared, fleet – footed.
The owl’s sinister hoot now had a reassuring feel.
No longer did the universe reel.
Hands tightly clenched, hope and despair walked on, daintily
on the rickety foot bridge.
The owl continued hooting; fear was now just a spark in the head,
the footbridge no longer appeared rickety,
as the crickets started serenading the night.

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