Mystery of Love  ( Published in the American HyperTexts Review -Nov 2014) / Poem by Olfa Philo

Mystery of Love 
( Published in the American HyperTexts Review -Nov 2014)

O Love, who are you ?
why do all humans yearn for your tender touch?
are you a seed of a flower in our fertile hearts to grow ?
a blazing fire, our senses to burn ?
a morning fog, our vision to blur ?
a touch of madness, our reason to blind?
a colonizer, in our senses to settle?
a vampire, our blood to suck?
a chain, our freedom to restrain?
a tornado, our minds to blow?
a magnet, our desires to hypnotize?
a shooting star, to show up then wane so far ?

How do your victims look like
after embracing your Majesty?
reasonable or crazy ?
shielded or vulnerable ?
realist or idealist ?
sober or drunk?
sublime or pathetic ?
hollow or complete ?
masters or slaves ?
leaders or followers ?
lions or lambs ?
free birds or caged ones ?

which emotions do you fuel in them ?
delight and ecstasy ?
longing and bliss ?
pleasure and desire ?
belongingness and possessiveness?
jealousy and craziness?
togetherness and wholeness ?

what are they liable to commit for your sake?

How do they feel in your absence?


what if you betray your devotees?
won’t you metamorphose into a criminal?
masochist and untrustworthy ?
liar and manipulator ?
heartbreaker and murderer ?
hypnotist and illusionist ?

why are we then allowing ourselves to be
consumed and inhaled,
swallowed and devoured by you?
why are you that
dangerous yet irresistible ?
untamable yet adoptable?
unfathomable yet desirable?
invincible yet challengeable?
insatiable yet incomparable ?

still and against all odds,
when animosity prevails, you’re the one we conjure
when danger looms in the horizon, you are the one we hug
When conflicts overwhelm us, you’re the one we resurrect
when emotions are barren, you’re the one to emerge
when darkness reigns, you’re the one to shine
when all else perish, you are the one to cherish

paradoxically enough, even
when you break us into pieces, some still trust you…
when you annihilate us , some still long for your slaps …
when you pain us, some still enjoy your suffering…
when your fire burns us, some still caress your entailed scars…
when you chain our souls, we adore our enslavement to you…
when you are erased, your trace remains engraved in our hearts …

who on earth can ever claim to be
as universal as you!
as risky as you!
as omnipresent as you !
you have that grace to intrude in every heart,
in every house,
in every community,
in every nation ,
in all nations ,
in different nations,
using the same guile and guts, yet
no one soever has dared to condemn you
for your abrupt intrusion!

you are such an undefinable entity with that
magic power to trespass all physical and
metaphysical frontiers
and end up being treasured and
welcomed too, and
we, poor humans,
can’t help being trapped by you!

all humans of all cultures and
through the ages have tried
to decipher your mystery
but in vain…

yet, they have all agreed at least
upon your enchanting weirdness
upon your puzzling paradox
upon your tempting ravages
upon your bewitching absurdity and
upon the voidness of life without you…


Olfa Philo


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