Poems by Dr. L . Sr. Prasad 

Poems by Dr. L . Sr. Prasad 



When illusion takes over like in first love everything looks so beautiful and nice!
The goose was bored with its old lake full of lotuses and fish but not wise otherwise!
It heard from the local gossip that at Mount Kailash there is a great lake of ancient days
Where Royal swan swims in its splendor so it thought of visiting in full moon rays!

When the idea started cooking its goose the goose decided to go on pilgrimage,
Looking into the scriptures, ancient texts and prevalent lores it understood its image
The lake was created in the mind pond of Brahma hence called Manas Sarovar,
Where Siva and Sivani take bath in full moon rays sprinkled in the water all over!

The goose became wild with idea of reaching the holy lake on full moon day!
It heard the great utterances four from the sages at holy temples on its way!
It liked -‘ I am that’- that is knowledge , thou art that and that is self’- in sacred use,
It came to a conclusion that a goose can be a swan and swan can be a goose!

In full moonlight the sacred lake was so beautiful, and geese were expecting the divine van!
When all the geese took bath they saw their collective reflection looking like the Royal Swan!

Copyright @ dr. Lsr prasad 11.8.2018


SHE and her charge SHEET!

After a few days of respite and musings she started her music again,
I never danced to anybody’s tune, my mother taught me to suffer pain,
But not to yield to stormy rain or volcanic strain and so i treated her as equal swain,
-‘You never gave me the importance i deserve’- she complained pouring hot rain,

That can make a man black mummy, a boy complete dummy in a split second,
But my coolness cooled that motherless spoiled brat’s anger in a warm shake hand,
Like phases of moon her moods changed in a cyclic manner and the pattern was hit and run!
She found reasons for my brilliance in genes, my social back ground and always made fun!

You have talked to Eswari today, i found you ogling at Ameena, Mary is not your lass,
This time i will beat you in science, games and chess or in cycle race of high class!
Your friend Sankar is more handsome, your hands are rough like acacia wood,
Why do you always wear those three dresses only, can’t you wear a suit that looks good?

On one good mood day she took me to her house and introduced me to her father!
So you are the wise guy,’ said the doctor smiling ‘but don’t quarrel with her any further!’-
She took me to her splendidly decorated room and we talked about her cat and some guys,
When i was dozing after lunch she came from behind and her silken hands closed my eyes!

For a brief moment time stopped , her volcanic fire warmth and passionate kiss
gave me a million volts shock! While i was coming into senses she made a hiss!
With a sepentine twist she entwined me in her embrace and whispered in my ear!
Honestly now i believe i shouldn’t have told her about Ganga, how stupid was i o dear?

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 13. 8.2017



I believe in science and modern scopes with evidence based raw truths!
Said he operating a huge network that connects planets and galaxy booths,
Then he sent a coded message to the distant planets with advanced blue tooths,
-‘If there is god please respond’- we have no solid evidence with our sleuths,

If you fail to notice this message your epithet of ‘All Knowing one’
And other hundreds of titles will be removed one by one without any intone!’-
So he waited impatiently to receive signals from solar system and galaxies in unitone!
When the stipulated time lapsed and there is no response he looked into screen zone!

There was a flicker and flash on his master computer screen started from a dot,
The most powerful firewall popped up a message about a new virus spot
Artificial Intelligence in the guard robots failed to contain the virus in lethal act!
Virus grew rapidly with messages of -‘there is no god,’- jamming the networks infact!

The robot said-‘This deadly virus is born in our computer’s FAT, Factor allocation table-
Likewise God is a program of birth and death born in your mind fat, has no label!’

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad 11.8.2018



When i was meditating under a peepul tree i became Buddha with spirits high,
Under a sal tree i became Jina, hanging on to the world tree, me Odin, lost my eye,
They say my cross was the branch of that tree of knowledge with a snake looking shy,
Under my inverted tree sages did penance to cut the bonds that spread into the sky!

Is it the tree important or the mind in its quest in the philosophy tent?
What if we don’t care his highness and bother about our ‘i’ ness scent?
Is his Highness so jealous that he remembers a creature so insignificant?
If he is the controller of my actions why should i worry about my life so scant?

Is his Highness rules the world with fear or mercy or love how can i know?
Is it -‘Fear the Key’- the fear of death, the fear of life that flows like snow?
Is it mercy or compassion of High God that makes a sinner to say yes or no?
Is it love that permeates into every place from his kindness then and now?

Belief or trust are the ingredients that are preserved in the grottos of mind!
Those who have vision to see such things may see them, rest can not find!

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad 11.8.2018


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