Poems by Aroop Mitra

Poems by Aroop Mitra



As on this wall I muse on peace
Soothing the trembling crocus

I recollect his intense gaze
Our voices merge in mute bliss

Rhythmy we sway , I the bloom
And he the fruit , but our joint weight

Balanced in the gentling breeze
For it was me out of many , he chose

Stepping off the swing , I was in
His arms , collapsing in stifled giggles

His lips grazed mine , our noses felt
What ears rebound , my head lolling on his chest

The stem twirling mid finger and thumb
Petals battered by rain , and by lingering kiss

And as I wait for him to soon arrive
My tresses outflow these fingers to thrive



I find it easier to sleep
with truth

than any other woman — she’s
much more yielding
subsuming my smirking

insidious wisdom
aureoles and other

Her thighs slit open
as incisions ;
the surgeon’s

craft malleble under
serpentine grace
labour or love.



Sixty thousand
tiger lilies
sparkling crimson

in rectangular

as brigadiers
catwalk models

cairns untouched
splashes of dried

they startle me
each one ablaze.



It rains all night.
I love listening
terraces all pitter
patter , lanky date
and coco palms
like milady’s fluttery
fans swishing green
Venetian blinds
just veritable windmills
in my mind , but I’m
no Quixote , so listen
instead to violent
flux stirring space-time
landing in curve like
a dove , great shutters
swinging to and fro
much too much
the frenetic hand-wringing
staple of benign uncles
hysteric aunts and houseflies …
the rain reappears
flexing its soprano organs
romps thru fields flouncing
aglimmer with organic gold :
mustard vying with garlic
breathing silvern cantatas
whipping rye , parsley , mint
huge swathes of cinnamon ,
rosemary , pepper and thyme

like a lad
and his rustic lass their eyes wet
canaries sing their spoils
glittering in tangles
of naked memory ….even
as the rhyming scarecrow
gazes athwart Cold
Mountain , my limbs
flowering , in trios :
violets , zinna , pinks —
this cosmos
savage as wildthorn
briars , just
measureless as all
the drops
in every pond , rill , ocean
sinister as the brushwood
forests at dusk
scintillating in the sheer
halo of moonlight , and
attendant stars
an everlasting drizzle
soaking to the marrow
this silence , this death

@ Aroop Mitra. April 2018. Rights secure.

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