Poems of Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Jonathan Aquino

Poems of Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Jonathan Aquino
signs coming from the heavens,
asking God to have mercy on them
cries of a svelte, wretched soul-
echoes through the dark night like a trumpet
like the rhythms of jazz, a lone saxophone,
dribbling through the ears of one’s beloved.
The sea splashed on me as I sat on a rock,
I took off my shoes and rolled up my jeans,
feeling so grateful for that chance to talk,
alone, to God, the source of my being.
symbols likened to hands-
pointing to the right direction, coming out of nowhere,
a new frontier, where man embraces his tomorrow
some just stare-
and keep wandering around in circles
while the others enter doors of new horizons.
I told Him everything, all I’ve been through,
as I gazed into my beloved sea,
asking for wisdom beyond what I knew,
and I knew: He cares a lot about me.
my beautiful butterfly-
the one that brought the sun to my garden.
the end to all sufferings
what everyone awaits
the end of my old life-
going peacefully
traversing the road to
All my prayers now are for thanksgiving,
I don’t ask for favors, I just say “Thank you”
for the lessons learned and all the blessings,
but upon that rock, I asked for something new.
I love the captivating rainbow
and I would rather feast my eyes on its splendor
enchanting hues just like the changing seasons
of one’s life-
a sign of hope of new things to come
I love you…
During that sacred time, I wanted a sign:
a bird flying left to right over me,
His way to say: “Everything will be fine!”
It took a minute, yet I’m changed completely.
She traveled to and fro-
Driving her old sedan
As I stare
Out of my window-
Her red gown.
More keenly than most, I’ve known peace and strife,
I’ve been to many points of no return,
and passed so many crossroads in my life .
Picking up the pieces,
Fragments of memories
And things left undone,
She questioned God
Why was her road
An uneven one.
Yet if I were to begin all over again,
I would do it gladly and embrace them:
my best lessons came from my fellowmen.
I loved the path I trekked-
Like a lover shows her affection for the beloved
Every now and then, I write in my diary-
My roller coaster ride,
Share to the universe moments of grief
And times of utter happiness.
I’ve known God and fallen from temptation,
who I am now is how I see the world,
my roads have passed through folly and wisdom.
A blue robin perched on a fragile branch
Fixed its eyes on the road-
I read its mind and I knew
How it longed to escape the place,
Its heart desired to awaken from this dream
And for its spirit to just fly away.
I go on with hope and joy and good cheer,
happy I became the man that I am,
and thankful that my roads have brought me here.
There’s a path that leads to nowhere
But shall I go henceforth?
The tiny route that lovers roam into
A sacred silence muted by music,
The shadow that greets me mornings.
Sometimes, just when I was thought I was right,
something would show me a better way;
there have been times I thought I would stray,
and I’d be guided towards the light.
The crow heads to a dead end,
Prey clasped in his paws
Greeting the sun as he passes by
Below he can see the lonely river flowing,
His chest pounds as he nears the asylum.
Unexpected things always happen,
like finding a detour in the road,
and many new paths I have followed,
and life is never the same again.
He saw his wrinkled countenance in the mirror
And thought of his noble life and yet he has not seen,
The light of day but instead danger hath held him
While the moon wanes, the angels bids adieu,
And yet death he welcomes unlike a detour one fears.
I believe in a Higher Power,
and that I came here for a reason,
so if my paths change like the seasons,
it’s because Someone wise knows better.
Thy young lass from heaven’s yore
Beyond the doting seas at the ends of the earth,
The eager witness of a magic spell cast by thee
With eyes captivated by the enchanting lair,
Caught up and trapped at the last frontier.
I can’t go down someone else’s trail
for I have my own journey to make;
yet we’re asleep when we need to wake,
afraid to leave land when it’s time to sail.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a multi-awarded and an Internationally-Published Contemporary Author/Poet and a Professional Writer/Creative Writer/Feature Writer/Journalist/Travel Writer from the Philippines. She has 2 published books, “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse”, (USA). Elizabeth is also a co-author to more than 70 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, Romania, India. She is a Contributing Editor of Inner Child Magazine, USA and an Advisory Board Member of Reflection Magazine, an international literary magazine. She is a member of the American Authors Association (AAA) and PEN International, Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT), and World Association of Authors and Researchers (WAOAR).
Jonathan Aquino
Jonathan Aquino is the author of “The Way To Inner Peace” published in Amazon Kindle, and “Fisherboy,” “Why The World Needs Heroes” and “A Celebration of Life” published by Smashwords. His stories, essays, articles and poetry have appeared in various international anthologies, literary websites, citizen journalism sites and major newspapers and magazines. His plays have aired on national radio in his home country, the Philippines.

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