Looking for you / Poem by Susana Roberts

Poem by Susana Roberts
Looking for you
Oh!, Life of my body and my strength , all of you, soul and heart, oh! You are my heart and soul! all of you have become all my being, that’s why you are all me. I’ve become nothing in you, that’s why I’m all you. Rumi
I crossed many centuries
with humid eyes
with child’s tears
sand and wind
I got drunk
of your pious love
printed in me
your name
since a divine memory
you know all this
in an unlimited time
the impossible shapes
you know who you are
and you don’t recognize me
with what name should I invoke you
in this land of signs
when I kiss the distance
in the long race
of my tears to your house?
I got lost
in the call of wind
behind curtains
where blood trembles
and we are with the truth
the part of a puzzle
anointed with untamed tenderness
in the same flight of the fire
when I name you and you name me
from the spiritual axis of the Universe.
Susana Roberts-Patagonia Argentina

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