Poems by Kairat Duissenov Parman

Poems by Kairat Duissenov Parman
Let Us Find Ourselves
Do not come early in the morn,
Do not go through a long tedious day,
We are not to recompense all offence,
All nonsense, nor do we have time
To heal the grievous wounds of the heart,
Though half a sad summer has already passed.
You cannot live all times with your relations
As I live alone losing my all authority
It will not be hard to our annoyed hearts,
If we cool down each other, live like a loving couple,
Finding ourselves in our own realm,
With all authority of a king and a queen.
I Have Suffered A Lot
There was nothing
That of you attempted to shoot me,
Literally yesterday
And you hated me as you were my old enemy,
And now Instead of attacking me with a poker
You set your lips for a kiss, it surprised me.
Does this mean that you are no longer annoyed,
Or this is your trick that I should know?
It is all unexpected, an annoying case,
I cannot understand the sudden change,
Whether it took in the depth of your soul
Or it is a trick of a cunning fox.
I never nourished malicious thoughts for you,
Your change whatever it is, it’s great
You have become beautiful like your soul,
You are polite like the days of summer,
You shine over me like a sparkling clear sky,
Or the sun after a heavy fall of rain,
My Love! I have suffered a lot,
Now do not make me suffer again.

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