Poems by Aruna Lakra

Poems by Aruna Lakra
The Single Bride…
The beautiful day when I stepped out bright
Dressed in blue frock and a scarf white
My hair disheveled full of knots
The butterflies chased me a lot
I ran into the woods
And saw you passing with hoofs
My scarf entangled with the leaves
You came running like the breeze
Your fingers so gentle
made my worry so simple
My scarf you kissed with your lips
Our eyes met under the eclipse
My loves first joyful tear
Which wiped all fear ..
Today you are no more near
The fruit of our love is my only dear..
But the song of our life
Is sung by every bride..

©®Aruna Lakra 8/19/18

Oh Rain exquisite is your beauty
Thankful for your blissful bounty
Your graceful presence in drops
Quenches mother earth when soil in sobs
Your pinging sound so brewing
Drizzling and tingling at times distracting
Your fragile smell so pure
As your break the clouds to lure
You so faithful and true
Always come down when I need you
Oh my heart is in flames
As my dreams now in frames
Pour down gently your silvery drops
Wash the saline rolling which never stops
Seep into my bosom
Chill my hearts chasm
Heal the fever of desires and passion
Drench and quench me with compassion
Bathe me in the grace of love
Soothing my parched soul to fly as a dove…
©®…Aruna Lakra 8/20/18

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