Return / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan
The moment our hearts
recognize what God has made
they will swell
one thousandfold
our lips shall quiver
at the mere mention of the unsung name
the holy Source of all…
As our knees buckle
we lose all sense of orientation
enveloped by the spirit
of eternal love
enough for the entirety of the universe
created for our pleasure alone……
How kind…
We blossom
as the lovely lotus at the calling of our name
we kneel in praise and look always
for a sign……
Look no further my love
we are the sign
the only one that matters
we are the precious souls
whom God loves
for we are His own
the apple of His eye
looks at us in wonder
that such fineness can been wrought….
By His own hands
we were fashioned
every detail meticulously divined
perfection cum imperfection
in a world of growth and evolution
followed by long mocking droughts
of decay….
We were chosen for something grand
knowing not the details
only of the plan
we are included
play a leading role….
Come home
come home……
We have stories and more to tell…..
©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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