Poems by Türkan Ergör

Poems by Türkan Ergör
You are born first,
You have tiny hands and feet.
You’re starting to talk and walk.
You are a small child
And you play games with your child friends like you.
When you grow up a bit you start school.
You meet new friends and life.
Life is starting to get a new meaning.
Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry.
Life is starting to make you an exam,
You can not make sense.
When you try to untie you can not find it.
You’re starting to get a little bit more new.
Life is testing you here too,
You know this exam will last until death.
Life is hard and incomprehensible,
You think you understand but you do not understand.
When you grow up a little bit,
You think you’re stuck in the past.
Some people’s pain is too big,
You are thankful.
You know there is no return to past time.
You just regret it.
Sometimes fate sometimes you know your own mistake.
But you can not change the things you live.
I wish I did not.
But you’re still making mistakes.
You’re thinking,
You can not figure out why you made a mistake again.
You’re laughing, you’re crying,
Life is going on like this with your mistakes.
You think you had a dream.
You see the dead people,
But it feels like you’re not going to die.
It’s your turn and you’re dying.
You end up with a short life in the blink of an eye.
Then it’s not a dream,
You understand.
Your real life is starting now.
You wake up when you die.
I did not want to tell you
Why did l go
I did not want to hurt you
I saw at the moment
Similar fancy women, fake sentiments
Affect people
You get lost
In fake memories.
If l go one day
To far away
Do not forgot me
Birds warble
Flowers open
I know it’s
The run rises
It rains
I feel it’s
Snow is snow-white
The grass is green
I love it’s
Flying freedom
Moon star in the sky
I remember it’s
Loved heroes
I greet him
When night comes
Stars shining in the sky
I remember with respect him.

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