My Love Bestowed By You / Poem by Irannii Saikia

Poem by Irannii Saikia


My Love Bestowed By You 

All corners of a dark room
I have designed newly
by noble heart with the shape of ‘ O ‘
and magnificent yellow !
My beloved,
It’s blooming again
with petals of pink.
Though the distances
far from away of me ;
I have made a marvellous
torque of bridge
to touch that heavenly window.

On this natural globe
Though, who wants to be drive a ship
like a ‘ Noa’s Ark ‘ on the oceans.
As an angel, scholar or humanist
through elements of poetry and prose
by books, pages and pen
we became as a compiler
for public.
Myself I needed to wet
in that mizzle rain
with green eyes of all signals
that bestowed by you.

All right reserved @ Irannii Saikia


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