Poem by Ester Cecere

Poem by Ester Cecere
I won the storm
by a fragile boat
which bring my loved ones to the shore.
I still feel the wind among the shrouds,
the anguish sinking of the bow
and its uncertain coming back up.
Now when everything is calm,
the undertow
slowly breaking over the shore
sometimes tells me about you.
I pruned my life
by resolute shears.
I lopped dead
and stunted branches.
Only healthy shoots
will brings fruits.
Since season is droughty
and arid is the soil.
(from: “Come foglie in autunno” (“Like leaves in autumn”), Edizioni Tracce, Pescara, 2012)
The source
I keenly quench to your mouth
as a gushing mountain source.
And I drink and kiss.
And I kiss and drink.
Too big my thirst.
Too cool your water.
(from: “Pensieri d’amore” (“Thoughts of love”) , Le edizioni del Porticciolo, La Spezia, 2017)

One thought on “Poem by Ester Cecere

  1. I have always felt as if when a poem is Translated from one language to English, it actually adds more magic to the poem. “Not” lost in translation. Only found ! Wonderful poems Dear Ester. Love the “kissing” poem. Very passionate.

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