Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney

Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney



Present generation demand
Rational answer
of questions they raise
and we do not have
such enlightened
who may answer them appropriate
…not vague
Is there any one
who has been capable to awake Kundalani…though many claim?
Is there any among so-called gurus
Who follows whatever they preach….?
Or they have become
commercialised corporate to teach..?
Our Scriptural wisdom has been distorted
Vague stories are concocted
Youth do not want senseless nonsense
They easily sense
our hypocritical statement
Degenerate in indulgence
Live in affluence
Enjoy five star luxury
But preach youth
It is Maaya…
renunciate…it brings misery

We need some one
Who can answer Youth’s questions
In rational/vivekpoorn way
But hardly there is any one
‘Present generation is spoiled’
This is what we say in return

Even Vivekanand raised querries
Contradicted Ramakrishna Paramhans
Paramhans cried before Goddess Kaali
“Listen he will not unless convinced”
Echoed Kaali.

Arjun asked…….and asked
But did not believe…Not convinced
Shri Krishna answered in about 600 versed
To clear his doubts…tobe convinced.

Don’t blame present youth
Are we capable to answer
Rationally ?
Not hypocriticaly
Do we follow Scriptural wisdom ?
Or simply preach foolishly
If we can’t answer them to
Don’t blame present youth.

(C) @ Radhey Shyam Varshney
(Reposting in response to answer Parupadi Satyavenkatavinodkumar’s querry)



Time has come
The name “Olympic”
Must be re-named now as:
Olympic Of Peace
Olympic For Peace

All the participants
Must be declared as:
Olympians Of Peace
Olympians For Peace

‘Cause they Represent
All Nations……
Irrespective of
Race, colour, class and creed
Region, religion, caste and breed
Language, gender,
Small or super-power holder
Ideologically some may be against each other

Let the Torch of Olympic
Be Light of Peace
Let it walk on each Nation’s street
To ignite an awakening for Peace,
Peace World Over and global peace

(C). Radhey Shyam Varshney 
Aug 23,16. all rights reserved



What is happening to collective psyche?
Why our collective consciousness is dying?
So is happening to our individual psyche
Our individual consciousness too is dying

Individual minds are suffering
In hypertension, aggression, depression
With all other ailing words
Psychologist have discovered

Anxiety neurosis, psychosis, amnesia
Neural disorder, schizophrenia
Nervous exhaustion, nervous breakdown
Relationships in family neighborhood and community cracking down #

Resulting in family, community, nation
Increasing homicide, suicide murderous assault
Abusing killing innocent children without their fault
Rape and murder, dowery deaths
Honour killing and acid attacks
Increasing domestic, caste, communal violence
Road rage taking life in intolerance

Awake ! Join hands spread awarenes
To save mankind from this madness.
Learn to be at ease…..to be at peace
With slight modification in speech n deeds.

Save yourself from this slow poisoning
From mental physical disease ever rising
Save gradual dying of individual consciousness
Thereby to save collective consciousness.

(C) @Radhey Shyam Varshney
2018.8 (revised)
# this is one of the root cause of Dementia 
and Alzheimer disease. First socio-psychological thereafter gradual degeneration of Neural cells and nerves making them dys-functional.

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