Series #34 / Ade Caparas

Series #34

my thought must be beyond thoughts
my word is beyond words as well
so my life is beyond lives. ade c. 21 august 2017 sydney nsw australia

life in reality is an art of love, why am i getting fragmented tortured disheveled by the now and then strifes; by the inequality of wealth; be envious of fame of glory of beauty… when in fact, these are the fundamentals, why i should be alive… the reasons why i feel alive!!

love is tenderness, a mutual kindness but without some moment of sensual savagery it’s meaningless; the cursing languages spice it… that moment of clothes ripping, calling names bites.. ahhhhhhhhh… lacerated passion… and as i eat word for word my words, exactement, this is how my life battles all its contradictions

i adore you
your burning
heat… yet in
blue flame
how gently
your lips
my skin
so delightfully!

your breathe
so melodious
my passion is
your arms
around me
an umbrella of

we cuddle
flowing stream
waiting till i’m
awaken like the
early rising sun
and ahhhh
i shout the
high noon fire!

moonlight night giant waves falling rocks death murmur of the sea glimmering bubbles… ahhhhhhhhh… these alternating shocks, unmindful of our presence!

whales sharks sea world life quietly in slumber, all i hear feel is the rhythmic tongue bites… sensuous amorous gesture illumines like lazer light… zoomed to the sky_ oh my darling, oh my darling!

this is the meaning of dot, can’t live without the him, like a scent, a flavour irreplaceable unmistakably… how my dot triumphs.

shadow no one
do as i wish

sleep with rocks
float in water

kiss the sun
dance with rain

go with wind
bath with rain

i live free
i play joy
i flirt love
i die with my choice
i am my own!

in my sleep in my dream, i see you… your eyes focus but me alone me alone!_ you take my hands gently: kiss it, your lips tracing my fingers till moist and wet… i close my eyes, i feel warm air; your breath blowing tickling my ears… ahhhhhhhhh…darling… then… i couldn’t hold myself; i shout so loud so loud my darling, then, i open my eyes and it’s but a dream, a dream!

life itself is sensuous, its orgasmic richness comes for little seconds, then gone, then come, then gone… dotism!


ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

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