Poems by Aabha Vatsa

Poems by Aabha Vatsa
The secret rendezvous was a miss and blink
I still recall your mischievous wink
The bear hug was an envelope of bristling warmth
Swayed my heart with tiny storms
I remember your bold and liquid eyes
They immediately sent my pulses high
O, the look of mesmerizing love on your face
I tried hard to keep up with that pace
It has been so long since we met
The memories weave a silken net
I often rummage the chambers of my heart
How I wish, we never had to depart
I long for those carefree moments of love
When all that mattered was our sizzling love
In my heart I know we shall meet again
Even if this long wait, is a trifle of a strain
It was a Villa with a difference
Tended with living care by the owner
Meant to be an abode of peace
Tranquility was its middle name
The owner spent many an Autumn
Watching life pass by in his rocking chair
All the while
Tending to his beloved garden
The guava fruit tree
He had lovingly planted
Grew tall
But surprisingly bore no fruit
But the owner was hopeful
And went on with his life
One day disaster struck the villa
Ominous black clouds hovered above
Melancholy ripped the tranquility of the villa
And a reign of despondency descended
The French windows lost their sheen
Sunlight stopped streaming in
The owner was dumbstruck
At the change of fortune
But being a spiritual man
He simply bid his time
It seemed witches had cast a spell
The Villa was not well
It remained dilapidated
A ghost entity of its former glory
Many years passed by
And then
One fine Spring morning
Fortunes changed
And the Shift happened
A new care taker arrived
Promising to restore the former glory
And so much more
She sang daily in the Villa
Her lilting melodious sings
Throwing out the ghastly spell
The curtains were spruced
The French windows winked happily
Fresh air breathed in
Billowing the lace curtains into squealing raptures
There was bright Sunshine in every corner
And fragrance of sandalwood incense everywhere
For the first time ever
The guava tree bore sweet guavas
Each morning parrots descended for a fruity meal
The owner heaved a sigh of relief
His patience had borne fruit
The former glory of the Villa had been resurrected
And it all became possible
Due to the Shift.
Once upon a time
Life was unhurried and mellow
Fruits ripened slowly
Untampered by chemical blows
Love and romance
Was true and an unhurried affair
Now dating sites open hundreds of options
But not one seems to be fair
Schools were places
To dream and harness skills
Now home tasks have complexed
And counsellors take the drill
O, what has happened to my world?
Why has it become so fragile?
Why can’t life be unhurried and slow
Why can’t mind be free from blows
Panic attacks have cropped up anew
Depression is reaching everywhere like flu
The mental health has suffered alarmingly
Dire help is needed strongly
Relationships don’t last more than a few months
Friendships crack and appear sadly sunk
The marriage scenario is also facing the crunch
The technology age seems hell bent to swallow and munch
The aged are no longer welcome in the family
Being swiftly independent seems to be the only remedy
O, what has happened to my world?
Why has it become so fragile?
O, be a beacon of light
Do your bit, to diminish the sorry plight
Dance like a woman possessed
Raise matters not addressed
Let the light engulf one and all
Gather wisdom as you scale the wall
Let the glitter not ever dim
Makes sure your chances of wavering are slim
Embrace those who express love
Do away with Cribbers who love to shove
Alight along this delightful journey
Spread sweetness like pure honey
Let the path be lit with golden lights
And everywhere be commendable sights
The dance and frolic will come your way
Hold your friends captive, let them not sway
Shoo away the lengthening shadows
Breeze in, lush green meadows
Live a life lived worthwhile
Come on be a beacon of light, smile.
Copyright Aabha Vatsa

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