Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
No one big or small or great either,
like brevity of rainbow to unleash rungs of colors,
as space is same to sigh like shadow of night to attire blind bough,
art of walking on path of journey pursues into oblivion,
as today differs from tomorrow by change of simulation into another time,
within tide and ebb ocean grapes an equivalence to rise or to fall at crest or trough beneath
uncanny audacity of enigma, quest ruffles to shuttle from one end to a other,
Îlike a glide of kite into spike of silence with of no voice to cry,
yet resonance never premidiates to pique up spark of love or hatred either. as within time and space we are flapping dolls into air as flicks of fire to tatter……..
@dr.subhendu kar.
smugness of moon copiously enga forges into blue of cosmos,
blazing warmth to adore gleams of light
as hue of white sprees to embrace milky way
enlightened path impulses to belong lips of kiss.
Joy of cry resounds to coo grace of solitude
cooing hands of cradle croon lap of joy,
empathy inclines into core of heart to sail through,
like crescent moon to flux in room of moon ness.
oh what a soothing song of glimpse!
benign and serene yet unstinting,
as smooching ebullience tenders mellow soft
to resurrect from abyss of smoldering ach
redounding to entice upon.
heaved up innocence ruffles to return home
for stance to empower by brims of gravity.
fragrance of coral symphony flares mellifluous to brim in spring,
for of endearment to blaze glory of heaven
as saddened soul laid bare betides bereft yet circumscribed,
assonance awakens into tranquilty of transcendent love to regale.
@dr.subhendu Kar

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