The Everlasting Split / Poem by Gigi Mejri

Poem by Gigi Mejri
The Everlasting Split
If only I could know the reason
If only I could have an answer
Yesterday I was your all and your whole
Yesterday I was your Daisy ,your red Rose
Your butterfly , your nectar and your cherry
Yesterday I was your heart beats and your soul
I was your scent ,your drink and your dose
Yesterday I was all times and your fairy !
If only I could find out what I had done
Then I would use all my strength for self-defence
I would use all my pens and all my ink
I would use my claws,my teeth and my tongue
Just to show my innocence
If only my heart could give an answer
For I warned him from the first meeting
“Beware you’ll be burnt pitilessly”
And he answered “what a joy ! how lovely!”
Now I see how hasty my heart was
As he beats for no cause
And the eternal Heart -Mind disagreement
Left me in continual embarrassment !!
Gigi Mejri August 3rd 2018

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