Poems by Bindi Sharma

Poems by Bindi Sharma


True love

Looking back makes you smart
Looking forward makes you mature
identity can prevent you from 
knowing your true soul
Your choices not your chances
Expand your horizon
Don’t stay stuck , in your Comfort zone .

There is merit and magic
in every melt down and in every
Cycle of uncertainty
Experience is a tough teacher
Gives the test first , the lesson

Love open doors where there were none
Don’t wait for love to come knocking
On your door
Because true love will never let you down
Every relationship is like a glass
A scratch on any side reflects the other side
We change in lives because upsets are
Access to growth .
There are moments , hard times reveals
True friends
More important than being away
In my life I want your presence
In everything I do !!

Bindi Sharma @ All rights reserved 13 th July 2018 ,



In mythology the Greek underworld where souls go after death , the original Greek idea of after life very much like Indian concept – however it was considered very important to the Greeks to honour the dead …Elysium also called Elisian fields or Elisian plain ..

Lively and cheerful
The deep frolicsome
Sea with furious waves
Hold me tight with your
As you row
But remain firm with my being
Take me to Atlantic Ocean
Off the west coast
“The Greek Paradise ”
After death
“The abode of virtuous ” !!

Bindi sharma @ all rights reserved 
14 th of June 2018



The love of my life
The King of my heart
Love to be sceptre
In your powerful arms 
In one ceremonial occasion
Don’t want to be
Sinking star
Am your knowledge supreme
Store me hoard me
Take care of me
In quiet seclusion
Indeed in work and action !!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved
14 th June 2018

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