Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee

Posted on August 30, 2018


Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee
No More
I fought a lot
With different shades of life
Much dense dark ,rare little white
And Asked several time to God
Are you there for me or not ?
Hugging the sea shore
I walked miles and passed
So many passer by
By and by !
Wanted to ask them
Truth is much lenient or lie ?
They smiled silently and bid me good by !
I’m an exhausted defeated soldier
I’m tired now !
Murmurs my heart gore
No more no more !
O kind God! Take some time
And think for a while .
Just give me some reason to smile.
In every night and days
In every pages of my fate
Write the very name of him
And prove you are great .
Whatever the day full of rain or thunder
He is to me my eyes comforter .
In every happening
Busy moment or silence
Just write his name ,
Write his name in
Right, wrong, good or bad
Happiness, smile or sad .
I’m made only for him
Let me live only for him.
O Lord ! What else I can pray to you!
My days are numbered ,dreams are few!
If you can’t give me what I prayed to you
Give me a divine death in lieu.
Hold my hand
Walk with me long
Run with me fast .
You are that feelings
You are that heart
Who never made me hurt.
You are to me
Another name of love
You are believe to me! you are trust.
I don’t want to live like a dead
Life forcing me to live
Some more days , and I need
You by my side , as I said.
Come on Dad! Run fast !
You told me” to be brave
And as you know, victory
Kiss the feet of brave at last .
No! Don’t tell me
About your old age ,
Death is divine and life is cage.
Nay ! I’m not an obedient daughter anymore
I need you in my life more and more
And it’s my prayer heart -core.
You’ll love the word ‘love’
And soon fall in love ,
When you feel the essence
From the core of your heart.
Imagine you are walking down
A desert land ,
Nobody around you ,then ask your mind
Before your last breathe whom your heart
Invoke to hold your hand ?
Sometimes love is merely an imagination
Sometimes a sweet illusion but
Love is there behind every creation.
When love connects the soul
Why to think! You achieved the desired goal .
Love is the feel that ignites you
Love is that two hands
Always pray for you.
Love is a timeless pain
Adytum of a immaculate brain,
Love is a profound thought
Love is worship of a sane heart
Love is God !!
Copyright @
Sumana Bhattacharjee
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