Elisabetta Bagli (Italy)

Elisabetta Bagli 
Country of origin: Italy (Rome)                  
Mother language: Italian                                                                 
Spoken languages: Spanish, English, French
Nationality: Italian                                        
Place of living: Madrid (Spain)
Elisabetta Bagli was born in Rome and lives in Madrid since 2002. She’s got a degree in Economy and Commerce at the Università degli Studi “La Sapienza” in Rome. Having worked as a teacher of Italian as a foreign language at the Booklane Language Academy in Madrid, she now works privately as a teacher of Italian, translator and freelance editor.
She was Cultural Ambassador of Universum Academy Switzerland in Spain and she was Vice President of Il Mondo dello Scrittore Association (The Writer’s World Association) of Faenza. She is an Honorary Member of the International University of Peace and she is, also, an Honorary Member of L’Oceano nell’Anima Association (The Ocean in the Soul Association) of Bari. She is Academic Member of the Accademia Internazionale Il Convivio of Castiglione di Sicilia and she is a Member of EWWA, European Writing Women Association.
She writes poems, short stories and fairy tales. Her poems have been translated into Spanish, English, French, Albanian, Serbian and Greek.  She worked as director of two editorial collections and as interpreter for Italian writers Paolo Giordano, Elisabetta Flumeri, Gabriella Giacometti and Diego Galdino.
She started writing poems and short stories in 2009 and published her first collection of poems, “Voce” (“Voice”), in 2011. An extended collection of “Voce”, with more poems, was republished in 2015. She has taken part in a number of literary contests and she has won several awards, plaques and certificates in various International and National Poetry Prizes.
Her books are “Voce” (“Voice”), with its double version in Italian by EEE and in Spanish “Voz” by Ediciones Vitruvio), “Dietro lo sguardo” (“Behind the Gaze”), “Mina, la fatina del lago di cristallo” (“Mina, the Little Fairy of the Crystal Lake”), “Specchi” (“Mirrors”), “Le nostre due anime” (“Our two souls”) by Il Convivio Editore. She worked together with artists involved in Generando Arte – Colectivo with her poems in Spanish, inspired by their works on gender violence. 
In September 2014 three of her poems became part of an UNESCO publication related to the international contest “Culture, Power and Violence: STORIES OF WOMEN OF ALL AGES AND COUNTRIES”.
Her poems and writings have been selected for a number of anthologies in several Countries.
She keeps her personal blog Elisabetta Bagli – https://www.elisabettabagli.com/
She actively contributes reviews and interviews to different blogs. She writes for magazines such as the Spanish Digital Magazine of Art and Culture “Proverso”, “Letras de Parnaso”, “Plumas y Tintero” and “Visítame Magazine”, publishing articles, poems and short stories in Spanish and for the Italian Journal “Il Giornale italiano” in Spain, writing book reviews in Italian. She, also, collaborates with “Our Archive Poetry” in publishing her own poems in English.
            She collaborated to the realization of Cultural Events with the Com.It.Es (Comitato degli italiani in Spagna – being part of the italian consular network in Spain), institution of which she was also administrative secretary.
She organized The International Literary Festival “Palabra en el Mundo” in May 2016 and May 2017 in Madrid. She also organized, together with the Italian Chamber of Commerce, a child theater lab based on her fairy tale “Mina, la fatina del Lago di Cristallo”, in Passione Italia Festival in Madrid in 2016 and in 2017.
She organizes literary presentations in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and in Italy, and literary contests both for the Associations of which she is a member and for others Associations. She is the Jury President of the European “Clemente Rebora Prize”, both in the First (2017) and in the Second (2019) Edition, collaborating to its organization with La Fenice Association and the actor Diego De Nadai.
In February 2017, she was awarded a Diploma of Honor for Artistic Merit Mayte Spínola by the Group Pro Arte y Cultura (ex aequo with Rosa Gallego del Peso) for her poem BNR, inspired in the artwork Cruel Realidad, by Rosa Gallego.
All her books were present in the Book Salon of Torino 2014-2015-2016 and in the Book Fair of Madrid 2014-2015-2016.
She is the author of the prefaces for: “Graffi” by Gino Centofante, “I canti di Erin” by Maurizio Donte, “Penombre” and “Crepuscoli di luce” by Andrea Leonelli, “Ossigeno e pensieri” by Sebastiano Impalà, “Orme sull’acqua” by Oliviero Angelo Fuina, “Passi in libertà – storie di vita” by Arjan Kallço. She is the author of the afterword of the book “Riverberi” by Margherita Ferraris and Gastone Cappelloni and of the critical comment on the anthology “Oasi dei Sogni” by the greek poet Sofia Skleida. She is also the editor of the collection of short stories in Italian “Passi in libertà- storie di vita” by the albanian artist Arjan Kallço.
She coordinated and she was a poet-performer in the theatrical performance “En los ojos de una mujer” (“In the eyes of a woman”), together with the spanish poetess Inma J. Ferrero, for the International Day of the elimination of Violence against Women (November 2016), at the Centro Cultural Galileo in Madrid and at the Casa de la Cultura de El Boalo, in the municipality of El Boalo, Cerceda y Mataelpino and the same performance was repeated on March 8th, 2017 at the Italian School of Madrid, entering part of the teaching hours of the same Institute for pupils in middle and high school.
In September 2017 he published her last book “Le nostre due anime” (Our two souls), dedicated to the figure of the english poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This book was presented in Rome on January 25th, 2018 at the University of Rome in the Faculty of Economics, where she received the Diploma for Culture on May 16th, 2018 of the Rosse Pergamene del Nuovo Umanesimo Award.
On February 9th, 2018 inaugurated the premiere of the show she conceived together with the poetess Inma J. Ferrero “ARS AMANDI” which involves artists of various backgrounds such as the actor and writer Fabio Bussotti, the music teacher and director of the Zarabanda Academy of Madrid, Barbara Teti and the plastic artist and photographer Rosa Gallego del Peso. This show was also performed at the EOI (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) in Alcalá de Henares and at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.
She attended some groups of poetry and art in Rome: the group of the Isola Tiberina coordinated by the poet and writer Francesca Farina and by the poet Roberto Piperno, the group of I Concerti del Tempietto coordinated by Angelo Filippo Jannoni Sebastianini and the poet-performer Anita Napolitano.
She belongs to various groups of poetry in Madrid: to the Aula de Encuentro de Poesía, group of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, to the group La Tertulia de Gerardo Diego of the Café de Oriente and to the group of El Atelier of the Café de la Llana.
A new feeling,
Hands in the night
And fingers glistening,
Clutching the future
Of cross-cutting destinies.
Vivid hands desiring one another,
Unsuspecting eyes smiling
At the new life,
Seeking comfort,
Unfolding in the world.
The groove of each sorrow
Is in the wrinkles of the skin
The abandonment of hands
That support each other
Beyond eternity.
The Blood of the Sun
In its place, this morning,
The sun was not shining,
There was instead the proud deception
Of a buried feeling,
Without crumbs
To feed languid birds.
The scale has weighed
All my love
And yet it is not enough.
With difficulty I start to fly
Scarred by your offenses.
A Thousand Forms
I have become air
In order to follow you,
I have taken many forms
To dress up your days.
Now I am the breeze
Blowing on the grass,
The sunrise and the sunset
And the scent of flowers.
I am the light
That resonates in the mind
And the fear that has vanquished death.
You will see me in rainbows
And in a thousand dove flights,
In drops of a pure fountainhead
Covering my land with pearls.
You will look at yourself in the mirror
And you will see me on your lips,
I will light up the smile
Of the Black Sun
That now lives in you.

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