FLESH / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Flesh has a brilliant memory
Elephantine and accurate
It never lies
It doesn’t mislead
Flesh knows
Instinctively Arjunesque!
It can kill or love with the same equanimity
Flesh is what rules the brain
The seven chakras bow to it
Flesh devours
Flesh inspires
Flesh crawls and creeps into amorous bowers
Flesh disgusts
Flesh abhors
Flesh knows it’s mother by her scent
It makes kings of paupers
It shuns not by race or colour
Flesh advances in full regalia
Untouched by time and space
It ferrets out its own
Through eons and milky ways
It rides on meteors and parades in the village square
Bereft of clothes , stoned and maimed
Flesh utters not a word when armies mutilate
Flesh is neither yours nor mine
It’s black, yellow, brown and white
Flesh burns on pyres with widows and orphans
Flesh asks not recompense for its charred visage
It merely turns to ash and flips into the rivers
Or lies stone cold as a cadaver to be skinned on a hospital table
Or sleeps with death in a muddy grave under the white lilies that you lay on it through your veil of tears .
Copyright Lily Swarn

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