Listen to songs from the deep – Irina Lucia Mihalca / Translated from romanian by Simona Mihalca

Poem by Irina Lucia Mihalca
Listen to songs from the deep
Luţziafiru di dzuâ şhi’di noapti,
un primitu eshţzâ cu pirpirunji aroşhii,
şhi njirli, şhi limunii, şhi pirâ, tuti di anvârliga! *
Mind’s sleep has no purpose,
A flight over watery mirror of stars
A sea with waves
which break on the shores of our souls,
A fire overcame water
A stunning moment of love!
Where a star falls everyone
Comes out to feed
All the birds are singing in their language,
even if not all have musical ear.
They were not awakened yet; those who have
To feel the beauty of this time!
The moment particles impact,
colliding with each other,
the moment that will change their destiny
forever. One moment, only!
Letters make love to each other,
United in a silk thread.
To taste the water you must seek
Drought drops. It can be
With excitement, only for you to burn and live!
You, sun dancer, oscillate
like a compass needle between North and South,
between East and West! The key is in you
You just now realized
What the sacrifice
Started for the mirror in your soul means.
Seek the answer in the crystal ball,
We are reflected in the mirror inward!
It looked like a river that in no way
Could be swam across.
You were waiting for me on the bank with fire,
to dry my clothes. That’s you!
I have conquest your sight, many poppies there,
I miss freedom of expression so much.
As I have seen! I like what I found:
a good host with hot tea on the table
willing to stare into the eyes of her guest.
– Come, sit next to me, baby,
Listen to songs from the depths,
murmured with closed eyes!
My violin, violin vibrating with me
Otherwise, just a play without master!
Violin through which you have sung ballad pain,
A magical illusion is life!
If it had not been touched, it wouldn’t sing
as the lightning that touches the sea
would not make a pearl for a while.
It’s happiness touched with your fingertips,
an unmistakable smell and taste
Without seeking outside,
tomorrow will still come.
You penetrate deep into the smile’s light,
understanding yourself, increasing your own being,
That’s you, truly; otherwise,
everything changes!
Not every violin sings as
the soul feels, it happened to you
People differ
through the spoken words, just facts make us heroes.
If I draw the median I see excellence,
the sublime of feeling giving birth to life or gods.
Tu yilii nâ mutrimu t’as nâ videmu fârâ di câsuri…**
How far youare from yourself, when you forget
the seed light planted
which waits
to sprout, to brow, to bloom!
Morningstar and Eveningstar,
you are a story of red poppies
and blue, and yellow and the flame around*
In the mirror we look to see ourselves with no mistakes**
(translated for Aromanian)
Translated from romanian by Simona Mihalca





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