Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



As the music in the jukebox played on
A lovely sentimental love song
Nostalgic feeling flashing in my mind
Memories creeping back, tears in my eyes

My thought is refreshing back to those moments
Sweet and intoxicating love fragrance
Those were the days of happy time
We danced rhymatically with much fun

The moment had finally came, sadly we bade adieu
He left our homeland to pursue his academic field
Waited for his return for promises to renew
But he told me he had met someone new

My heart was torn apart painfully, bled profusely
The unpleasant nostalgia be bygone, gracefully
Now, my life is rejuvenated with love sweetly
Someone who love and cherish me completely.

Copyright @Lilian Woo 



I got a never ending love for you
Is so strong and true I must reveal
From the moment our eyes met I realise
You are the lovely angel of my life

Birds are singing above the sky
I could feel our love is taking flight
An affection so deep and divine
Above the mountain where we lie

You’re my lover, my inspiration
You’re the light of my vision
Feel the feelings of love so strong
No one could ever break the bond

Let our love flourish and deeply sow
Like the moon and stars above it glow
Bed of roses invite romantic lovers
Spreading sweet fragrance all over

When your eyes penetrate my heart
Come close to me, let’s not be far apart
No wine can be sweeter than your kiss
My blissful lover, none is better than this.

Copyright @Lilian Woo 



Spread the message of love on mother earth
Love is magical, healing power comes from love
Enfold your heart with humanity, live in mirth
The universe is our home, our place of birth

Love and affection are essential to survive
Love is crucial to go through every passage of life
Let it bloom in beautiful seasons with splendour
Love coated in the heart glows with grandeur

Love conquers all, melt away differences
A source of motivation in all circumstances
Cultivate seeds of empathy and compassion
Plants need fertiliser to bloom, heart needs love to blossom

Life becomes meaningful when love is in existence,
Thrill of joy and happiness are sweet essence
Nourish the fragrance of love, let it flourish
Embrace humility with eternal divinity, life embellished.

Copyright @Lilian Woo 
August, 2018

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