Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha


(Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili)

Farewell beloved goddess
Your birth brought; sweetness
And ministered pureness
Your life sang oneness
And sped up calmness,
You shared fairness
And pushed in carefulness
It made your call a success,
You instilled orderliness
In a world of rowdiness.

Farewell beloved goddess
You personified Nigerianness,
You cared less of the stress
As you showcased Africanness,
You passionately hated badness
So you taught men; goodness
Helped them denounce ugliness
And saved them the madness,
You opted for happiness
In a world of sadness.

Farewell beloved goddess
You brought us blessedness,
Many indulged in selfishness
You saw it as childishness,
Sincerity was your business
You believed not in foolishness,
When men dwelt in laziness
You taught them fastness,
For you saw fruitfulness
In a world of barrenness.

Farewell beloved goddess
You laid down openness
You breathed out coolness
And calmed the hotness,
You threw up simpleness
And bridged the loneliness,
You taught all; softness
And chased away hardness,
You committed to cleanliness
In a world of dirtiness.

Farewell beloved goddess
You headed the brotherliness
And strengthened the friendliness
It announced our togetherness
And brought us; closeness
That stopped our dizziness,
You mounted with seriousness
Because of your truthfuness,
We can work and harness
In a world of uneasiness.

Farewell beloved goddess
You represented; correctness
Monitored nothing but rightness
It never meant weakness,
You loved with tenderness
Hated living in coldness
So you melted the iciness
It spoke of your broadness,
Which foresaw the longness
In a world of shortness.

Farewell beloved goddess
You won the completeness
Managed the coarseness
Yet showed off no wealthiness,
You moved for wholeness
For life hated smoothness,
You encouraged handiness
But never in bad wiseness,
You pulled along toughness
In a world of roughness.

Farewell belloved goddess
Your mission brought richness
You prayed for fullness
And worked with meekness,
You focussed deeply on mess
And brought it to less
That was responsibleness
It told of powerfulness,
It potrayed your kindness
In a world of greediness.

Farewell beloved goddess
You matched a Duchess
Equalled an Empress
Never less than a princess
You were just a priestess,
Preached with boldness
And gave every soundness
Did it all with eagerness,
And proved your mildness
In a world of harshness.

Farewell beloved goddess
We dare no soberness
You fought against dumbness
And triggered submissiveness,
You stood against wildness
Yet remained stainless
You were greenly spotless,
That was your fineness
Beloved, rest in peacefulness
In that world devoid of wickedness.




A prosperous man is not that which grows overnight but that which grows over time.

A selfish man is never satisfied because he keeps wanting.

Fight as ‘bold’ as you are, never fight as ‘strong’ as you are.

Those you hurt may not fight you, those you help may not either, but you must be fought.

An aimless throw rarely hits a target.

Drop the gun, your angel’s head may be at risk.

It takes hardwork, faith, courage and grace to be a ‘human being’.

What you like doing may not be what you were called to do; find out.

If you want to be a king; crown yourself.

It is better to ‘come back’ late than to die a ‘wanderer’.



As numerous as legion
Engulfing every region,
Winning like a battalion
Earning more than a million.

Overwhelmed by your wave
Gathered all for conclave,
Made all your own slave
Inside a sacred cave.

Fascinating like charm
Done and doing harm,
Set ablaze our farm
Yet we are not warm.

You poisoned our food
Did little or no good,
Decayed the neighbourhood
And spoilt our mood.

You bought us a rose
And made us to lose,
You cleaned up our nose
And gave us a war prose.

You pulled us from God
Whipped us with a rod,
Broke in pieces our cord
And scattered our pod.

We need no Dictionary
To understand ‘Missionary’
We need to be ordinary
For God to do extraordinary.

You made us crazy
Forced us to be lazy,
Pretending to be busy
Yet staggering and dizzy.

Religion, dwell on sense
Stop all the violence,
Undress the pretence
And restore our confidence.

Think of our children
A palace; better than den,
Let them write with pen
Never kill them like a hen.

Religion, we want unity
We thirst for purity,
We hate all of enmity
Religion, practice integrity.



He just dug his grave,
He is dead.
World without end,
He is dead.

He is a curse
And a heavy yoke,
Hell and doom
He is dead.

His wealth, a waste
And name, a taboo.
His generation, a dry bone,
He is dead, very dead.


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