Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy 

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy 


Do the Best Everyday to Make Achievement!

Life and death are common in the course of life
In the world we are all left to try our level
Ever best to achieve top most thing before end!

Such an effort should start everyday of our life
Believing our end is nearby soon to take us away
From this world to the other world we know not…!

We should do our level best to achieve something
As never before before we go to bed everyday sure
So that we will feel not frustrated about anything!

High and noble dreams of our self should not go
Unrealized though our efforts are not over within one
Day or some days, yet, never shall we be relenting!

Everyday is a new opportunity to try our level best
To do the best to make that a great achievement sure!


Words of Love!

Words of love from distant persons over phone
Indeed kindles sensationalism bringing peace
And hope to the heart sans any direction after
A tragedy that has occurred recently in life!

Beloved ones are really comforting angels in
the world life of humans surviving humanity to
Perpetuate love and peace that brings joy and
Confidence to go ahead in one’s venture to glory!

Sans love and encouragement, many a soul would
Not have achieved anything positive and progressive
In the world full of chaos and turmoils dstroying
All the good things achieved by predecessors ever!

Words are the beginning that inspire hope and ideas
That maintain love for making changes for the better
For generations to live in love to promote human will
And sense to make the world a heaven to live in bliss!


Mourning with Rain of Tears!

Mourning for the demise of beloved one coupled with
The cloudy atmosphere always waiting to rain anytime,
One is driven to the verge of tears by cry at last!

Many people exploit the good souls for their benefits
Without bothering about the development of their health
Always minding one’s own enjoyment and happiness only!

Bearing all the brunt, the good ones finally seek rest,
Which is not easily possible to enjoy due to personal
Tasks waiting to be finished for settling to have rest!

After hellish service also, some more are ready to ask
For their assistance to carry out certain works not easily
Possible by them only to criticize and find fault as ever!

For such souls, demise is blessing in disguise to leave all
Troubling elements suspended in disappointment ever, it seems!


What a Joyful Enjoyment of Love!

Beauty kindles goose-bump and love blooms between hearts;
Union of lovers so opens the course of romance to paradise;
Heavenly joy and pleasure never stops then in world life!

Beauty and love one enjoys in a never ending way long sure;
What a pleasure, joy, satisfaction and peace one encounters
And loses oneself in the fantasy of bliss quite divine ever!

Nature with beautiful birds with joyful music fly and nice
Peacocks dance with with spread wings of feather colourful
Inspiring joyful pleasure to have whole union in ageless way!

Time and space disappear with the enchanted lovers in the
Unique enjoyment of love and pleasure as if floating in the
Dream world of ecstasy entertained by dancing beauties top!

What a life of joy and enjoyment till the end of time in the
World that all never care Nature, beauty and love senseless!


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